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Jul 25 2008

The Top 8 Uninspirational Olympic Stories

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Just the other day I read a Sports Illustrated story on the Top Inspirational Stories from the Olympics. Featured in the article are photos of past Gold medal winners. These are individuals who are true representatives of their country and embody all that is sport.

On the other hand, you have your cheaters, rejects, losers, and people that are so obsessed with winning that they’ll do anything to get ahead, even at the expense of themselves and others.

Here are the top 8 Uninspirational Olympic Stories (sourced by Wikipedia)

Roy Jones Jr. Loss – 1988 Summer Olympics


In a highly controversial 3-2 judge’s decision, South Korean fighter Park Si-Hun defeated American Roy Jones Jr., despite Jones pummeling Park for three rounds, landing 86 punches to Park’s 32. Allegedly, Park himself apologized to Jones afterwards. One judge shortly thereafter admitted the decision was a mistake, and all three judges voting against Jones were eventually suspended.

No chance Jones lost to that dude.

Women’s Bob Sled – 1968 Winter Olympics


The three East German competitors in the women’s luge event were disqualified for illegally heating their runners prior to each run.

This is pretty comical. Do you think they had sweaty asses after they got out of the bobsled?

Pole Vaulter – 1980 Summer Olympics


Gold medalist pole vault jumper WÅ‚adysÅ‚aw Kozakiewicz showed an obscene “bent elbow” gesture to the jeering Soviet public at the stadium during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow causing an international scandal and almost losing his medal as a result.

What the hell is a “Bent Elbow” gesture?

USA vs USSR – 1972 Summer Olympics


In the controversial gold medal basketball game, the USA Olympic Basketball team battled for the gold medal for the last few seconds against USSR Basketball. It was actually one second left after referees called a foul on the USSR. After free throws, the Soviets failed to inbound the ball twice and score while trailing 50-49; the Americans, assuming they won, celebrated at the buzzer after the second missed try. Backed inexpicably by FIBA representative Renato William Jones on the last failed attempt play, it had to be replayed because of a clock malfunction. What caused the uproar was that instead of one second, the officials added two extra seconds. That gave enough time for the USSR to score a layup on the replay and win, 51-50. Infuriated by the acts the officials did, the American team to this day refused to accept the loss and the silver medals.

Moral of the story: Play defense.

Marion Jones – Anything


Anything involving Marion Jones qualifies. You gotta figure she was on steroids in every event ever for at least 5 years.

Ben Johnson – 1988 Summer Olympics


Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal for the 100 metres when he tested positive for stanozolol after the event.

Ben Johnson paved the way for all the steroids you see in sprinting today. Congratulations buddy.

Paul Hamm – 2004 Summer Olympics


Hamm won the overall men’s gymnastics gold medal by a margin of .012, the closest in Olympic Gymnastics history. Almost immediately after the competition, Hamm’s gold in the Men’s all-around event was called into doubt due to a scoring issue

My opinion? Hamm knows he lost and never owned up to it. That’s not being a good sport pal.

Tonya Harding – 1994 Winter Olympics


Jeff Gillooly, the ex-husband of figure skater Tonya Harding, arranges for an attack on her closest rival, Nancy Kerrigan, prior to the start of the Games. Both women compete, with Kerrigan winning the silver and Harding doing very poorly. Harding was later banned for life.

Which lead to Harding gaining 100 lbs and boxing on television.

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