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Jul 23 2008

The Small List of Best Rock Bands Since 1993-1994

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Given that the early 90′s gave way to the popularity of historic and memorable bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Dave Matthews Band (yes there are more which I will be posting in an hour, but these 3 have got to be the tops), it’s tough to find a band that debuted past the year 1993 (and before 2000) that could even hold a candle to these guys.

After some research and much debate, this is the list I unfortunately had to come up with.

Personally I don’t think I like any one of these bands, but it’s tough to argue against them as being the most famed, successful, and all in all “top” of the class.

There are only 4 that really stick out

Foo Fighters


They’re funny, they’re weird, but you can’t deny that their music is pretty damned good. Every single album these guys have cut has been successful. I personally like when the song “Hero” is played in the movie Varsity Blues.



Pretty sure these guys are the modern day U2. That’s the best I can come up with.



Aside from wanting to “jump off a balcony every time I hear one of their songs” as my friend put it, these guys probably have the largest following out there today. I get their music. I understand that they are talented. But Jesus it’s depressing. I mean look at that guy!



OK this one was a joke and if you can’t figure it out you’re a moron. Though my buddy Nick has one of their albums and swears by it. Did you know this band has 6000 members? “I get knocked down! And I get up again!”

*It’s also really hard to argue against NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. They were dreamy.  You could argue for The Killers but they didn’t even start until post 2000.

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