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Jul 21 2008

Ten Things I Miss Most About Being in a Fraternity

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Animal House

College is clearly one of, if not the best time in one’s life. And if you had the chance to join a fraternity, at least for me, it clearly accentuated that life to a very large extent.

Assuming you take out the homo erotic tendencies and relative abuse factor, I can honestly say (without sounding too corny) that joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I ever made.

And here are ten reasons why…

Themed Parties

I Miss College

Other than Halloween, how often do girls really get an excuse to dress slutty? It’s your
“Pimps and Hoes” affairs and the “Cowboy Christmas’s” of the world that get the ladies to whip out the skimpy costumes.

Intramural Sports

I Miss College

Want to relive those high school glory days? If you had some skills before college but not quite enough to join the collegiate ranks, then be the star of your fraternity softball team. It’s the way to go. Oh yeah, and it brings about a great sense of unity!

Rivalries with Other Fraternities

I Miss College

We got into a fight with another fraternity on a weekly basis. And while I’m a lover and not a fighter, when I look back at those days it was simply….awesome. Our pledge football game against a rival frat was one of the most historic college days of all time. That and when 10 of us went to jail one night due to a street fight. That really only happens in college.

Having a Caretaker

I Miss College

I don’t like to use the word “janitor” here because Mr. Robertson was a hell of a lot more than a janitor. He was one of us. And the man went out of his way to make sure we lived in a clean place. Probably my favorite guy in the whole house (including my friends).

Video Games

I Miss College

There was a 2 month span where I think at least 4 hours out of each and every day were spent in the fraternity house playing Mario Kart or NBA Live. The battles were epic.

Drinking Games

I Miss College

You don’t learn more about or develop your skills better in any drinking game than when you’re in a fraternity. It’s just that simple.


I Miss College

Sure I got my ass kicked. And sure I lost sleep. And despite pledging being one of the hardest times in my life, I’ll never forget it. Not only that, it was great, even the bad times. On the flip side it was fun making pledges grab me a sandwich at 2AM.

Spring Break

I Miss College

Nothing says Spring Break like going with your fraternity brothers. Nothing says homo like 12 of you all wearing your letters on a beach in Cancun. And yet nothing beats that. You can only pull that off in college.


I Miss College

Want to get totally hammered, dress nice, and spend the weekend with me? Amazing.

Little Sisters

I Miss College

I was little sister chair my sophomore year and I tell ya, some of the things a freshmen will do just to be your little sister (which absolutely means nothing)….priceless.

And overall? Just having your boys around all the time. There was never a time in college where I wasn’t able to find someone to hang out with. That is definitely what I miss most. Everyone was always there…always.

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  • http://www.12beersaday.com chandler

    Even better is when your roomies are in a fraternity and you get to experience pretty much all those things minus the hazing and paying dues. Pretty much fraternal by association is what I like to call it.

  • done

    Frankie D. writes here??

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  • Wild Bill Donovan

    Except Chandler, that non-brother roommates were always considered the lowest form of scum-sucking, no-balls having, worms by every member of every fraternity. So, you may think you were living the life, as part of the fraternity by association, but in actuality, you were seen as a worthless piece of shit and nothing more than a potential pledge each semester during rush week, in hopes that you’d finally grow a pair and commit. Unfortunately for you, if you actually did decide to pledge, because you were leeching for so long, you’d have to endure 3x the hazing as every other pledge, except for the guy who quit the previous semester and then pledged again.

    And one other reason why I miss being in a Fraternity… there was always a foolproof, unequivocal, uncontested excuse for drinking 7 days a week. And it wasn’t simply “just because you can” like now.

  • Enzu

    Im just starting college, if you make me leave my fiance im going to let you deal with her.

  • Wally

    Jesus man, Fraternitys are just some bro-ski shit. You think you’re cool, cause you got a little brotherhood. Man, I have a brotherhood with a bunch a guys, and hang out with a lot of girls.

    I’ve never had to serve some other douchebag to get in, and made my friends for being who I am, not the work I did to satisfy them. Being a Frat pledge is like being that little fag you’ve hung out when you were little. The kid who’ll do anything to please you.

    It’s pathetic shit.

  • Htown SLB

    I been a brother for a year now and bad a** for chandler honestly u are one of those peeons that cant grow a pair and pledge simply cuz ur scared and trust me everyone saw u as a scrub for wally you just dont understand the meaning of brotherhood trust me ive know my friends for over 15 years and i am closer to my line brothers just in one year im in a latino fraternity hardcore like blacks so after the process you are proud of what you did noot no degrading or humiliating stuff like white folks

  • blaster

    i’m in a black fraternity, and for us its a life long membership. partly due to the reasons our groups were formed in the first place, we’re never ‘out’ of the frat. we have thriving alumni chapters for the post college years, and we still kick it hard as adults, just more responsibly of course.

  • jake

    sounds kinda gay



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