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Jul 21 2008

Song I’d Be Embarrassed to Play but I Love Anyway: Miley Cyrus, “See You Again”

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I don’t care what people say. This song is awesome. “She’s just being Miley!” Is it even possible to conceive how hot this chick will be when she’s of age?

P.S. I can’t decide whether I want to beat the ever living crap out of this guy in the video or shake is hand. I’m leaning towards the former.

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  • http://www.google.com Suyash

    I guessed her dad composed that song. But anyway, I love her songs. She’s got talent.

  • Enzu

    I know that guy, he deserves the handshake.. most people after posting that to the net would be live on webcam in 20 mins killing himself.

    But yea, great song when your alone in the car and want to fantasize over that one girl you didnt bang in HS. Careful cars dont yield for daydreams, no matter how hot.

  • Rip

    That guy dancing is absolutely adorable. I’m in love. That made my night.



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