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Jul 18 2008

You Might Want to Reconsider Being a Young, Good Looking Professor at These Ten Schools

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And this, as you may or may not know, is my way of saying that I don’t think it’s a good idea to be a good looking, male professor at most any college. Why? Isn’t it obvious? Imagine being 24, 25 years old. You have your degree and decide to be the new Sociology guy at Florida State. Hmm. Let’s say your class has about 150 students, at least half of which are girls.

Let’s say of those 75 girls, 10-20% are attractive and more than likely 50% are worth having a “nice time” with. And of those say 37 1/2 girls, 10% are into you. That means if you teach 3 of these classes per semester you are looking at a little over 10.1 girls that will torture your mind and make you think “well, if I did just once it’d be fine.”

It’s just not worth it man. It’s just not worth it. If you’re a hot female professor, well that’s a different story altogether. With that in mind, when choosing your schools, you may want to avoid these ten.



In a nice, Southern drawl. “I deserved an A.” How could you say “no?” It’s not possible.

Arizona State University


Try having the entire ASU Dance team in one of your classes. Could you even get up the nerve to speak knowing that one of these girls would do anything to pass your class?

Florida State University


These Kappas more than likely bartered their way to some high grades at some point or another. Don’t let it happen to you. There’s a reason they have the highest GPA at FSU.

University of Miami


Give me an A! Give me an A! Or you get no Play!

University of Oregon


These ducks will do a lot more than quack to get to your sack.

San Diego State

San Diego State

More sorority girls. The Alpha Phi’s of San Diego State are just hot. That’s all.

University of Texas


Imagine these girls came to class wearing those chaps.



Blonds are definitely more fun. Fun enough to cause a stir in your lecture.



Either the Song Girls or the Cheerleaders. Make your choice. You are screwed either way.

University of Florida


This Gator packs some serious bite.

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