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Jul 15 2008

Whatever Happened to Skippy From Family Ties?

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Marc Price Marc Price

Did anyone ever like the character “Skippy” on Family Ties? Was there even a point to him being on the show? I mean the guy was just a loser obsessed with Mallory even though she was a moron. And Skippy was a dorky smart guy. So essentially you just had a guy thinking with his dick parading around their house with penis fog covering his eyes.

And you just knew that the guy was just as dorky in real life as he was on the show. There’s just no possibility of that guy even being remotely cool. So what’s he up to now? Latest I heard, Marc Price (his real name) was doing stand up comedy drawing most of his material from Family Ties. That makes sense. The show began 25 years ago.

His most famous quote? ” I’m so HIV-paranoid, I can’t even watch VH1. It’s too close.” Man this guy is a loser. Shouldn’t he be on one those celebrity living in a house shows by now? I like that he hangs out with Screech.

Marc Price Marc Price Marc Price

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  • http://www.whywomenhatemen.blogspot.com Bone

    This guy used to hang out at my house in Seattle every once in a while before we went out to the clubs. He was a toolbag.

    Every club we went to, he’d say “It’s so hot in here, it’s like there is only one molecule of oxygen.”

    He said it about 10 times to me, and I saw him say it to everybody else he came across.

    Must have been a new joke.

  • Rick Cain

    Screw You. Skippy represented all those loser guys out there that wanted “that chick” no matter how much she didn’t want him back.
    Its a guy thing, sometimes we are pathetic.
    Skippy’s my hero, and dammit, Mallory was freaking hot!

    I was in alaska and me a tour guide looked just like Justine Bateman. I could have pulled a Skippy, but I just quietly whimpered, knowing she could never be mine.

  • E.F.

    Yes, “Skippy” was indeed necessary to the show. Obviously, the writers and directors found him necessary (uh, hello?), or he would not have been in the show! If one watched these shows, he or she should note that “Mallory” came right out and said in at least one episode that “Skippy’s” job was to worship her and her job was to reject him. All the characters compliment each other quite well. After all, doesn’t every conceited air head like “Mallory” need some poor, hapless man to kick around to make her feel better about her own shortcomings?



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