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Jul 15 2008

Some of the Best Non-Sport Sports I Played During College

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Beer Pong

It’s pretty tough to define sport.   There are plenty of debates as to what constitutes a sport and what doesn’t.  People argue that car raring isn’t a sport, or that bowling shouldn’t be considered a sport.  In my eyes?  When you’re sweating your ass off and competing pretty damed hard for a few hours, while this activity might  not technically be considered a sport, the word “sport” certainly comes to mind.

And in college?  This would constitute a number of things.  This list is by no means complete but it’s definitely some of the “sports” I remember playing most in college.


The Chair Slide


That’s about the time to do a chair slide 

Easily the most painful on this list.  The Chair slide is exactly what it sounds like.  You take a chair, sit on it, slide down a bunch of steps and hope for the best.   Plenty of broken ass bones during this sport.  Only recommended for pledges and being at least 10 beers deep.

The Waterballoon Slingshot


This was one of my favorite sports to play.  We would line up a sling shot from the second floor of our fraternity house and aim it right into the quad where all the beautiful ladies were sunbathing.  It takes tremendous strength and accuracy to score a direct hit.   It kind of backfired on us once though.  We wound up hitting a girl smack in the face and it cut her lip.  We felt horrible and thus ended our Waterballoon slingshot careers.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

See the paddle in his hand?  THAT’S beer pong 

Beer pong is hugely popular in college and let me tell you something.  This should be a real sport.  I’ve sweated more playing this than some games of basketball.  For the record Beer Pong is played with paddles and is not to be confused with Beirut.

Beirut (what most people call Beer Pong)

Beer Pong

Beirut is the one where you throw the ping pong balls in the cups whereas Beer Pong you must hit the ball in with a paddle.  I can’t stand when people say Beer Pong when they are really referring to Beirut.  In any event, I consider myself a pro at Beirut and need to get into some contests.

Any Video Game Playing

Mario Kart

Never have I been more competitive or heated up in my entire lifetime than when I was playing Mario Kart in college.  We literally almost got into fist fights almost every single day about who was playing next, etc etc.  NBA Live was also a major source of potential fight outbreaks.  Man I miss school.

Honorable Mention: Human Bowling, Keg Jumps, Frolf

If you have any more to add, please feel free to comment.

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