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Jul 15 2008

Five Fictional Movies that Most Influenced Real Life

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Jaws 2

There are plenty of movies that have had big impacts in our lives in the sense that we think about those movies often. Horror movies are a great example. We’ll see Halloween and think of the Boogie Man.

However, there are very few movies that actually get people to try new things, give them new hobbies or change how they act altogether. Once in a blue moon, a fictional movie can have this affect on people. The movie might even be responsible for new ways of speaking, influence music, or flat our scare the hell out of people.

Here are five movies that I feel affected our society in a big way.



We might as well just stop the list right here because Jaws is the end all be all of real life influencing movies. Of the however many millions or possibly billion people who have watched this movie, I can guarantee you that not a single one looked at the water the same way ever again. You can’t tell me that 90% of the time you are in the ocean, alone, that at least part of that movie creeps into your head. To have that kind of effect on people is remarkable.



Is there a rapper out there that hasn’t mentioned something from Scarface in one of their songs? But it’s not just the music we’re talking about because that would get us off topic. Scarface influenced an entire sub group of rappers and glorified the drug game which in turn led them to do the same, referring to themselves as Tony Montana, strolling around in excess, etc etc. I mean just watch any episode of “Cribs” and you’ll see what I’m talking about here.

8 Mile

8 Mile

Freestyle rap has always been around but never has it been as prevalent since the release of 8-Mile. Not to mention battling. I for one hadn’t seen too much battling prior to this movie and it’s interesting how a lot of success in rap in now garnered from one’s ability to freestyle.

The Fast and The Furious

Fast and Furious

It wasn’t the greatest movie in the world but this movie clearly spawned an entirely new generation of street illegal cars and races within the U.S. and abroad. Not to mention there are actually car shows called “Fast and Furious.” Did you really ever know about this underground style of racing before this movie? Not a chance. And now it’s huge.

Miami Vice

Miami Vice

You gotta see the mustache my buddy Matt grew after watching this movie. Uncoached.

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  • Enzu

    When I was 8, in florida, our resort had a 40 foot pool with wooden deck around it and tons of trees so it looked like a tropical island ( to an 8 year old ). And the light was broken in the deep end.. oh and it was night, so the water had weird reflections in it from the moon.. and I had just seen jaws, plus shark week was on discovery channel.. I was too afraid to go into an unlit pool.. thanks jaws, steal my childhood.

  • Merlin

    How could you not list Psycho, that movie still has people freaking out in the shower.
    Or The Godfather, it even had an impact on the real Mafia, how they talk, act, and dress; that info came via the FBI. And is still probably the most quoted movie of all time.

    Street racing has been around for a very long time, especially in Southern California, going back to at least the 1950′s and a lot of people were well aware of it, there were similar movies about kids street racing made in the 50′s. Any place you had kids and cars you had street racing, it’s an old American tradition. That’s even where nascar has it’s roots. It’s not anything new the Fast and Furious movies were just an update.



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