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Jul 11 2008

Wait Just a Damned Minute: The Jonas Brothers Are People?

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Wait a minute here. Now wait just a God damned minute. These guys actually have penises? Like they’re capable of making babies with women?

They can get David Carradine and that scary Spanish dude to appear in their videos? Aren’t we living in a society here?

Where am I? Because it’s certainly not a place that’s even close to resembling earth if any of what I just said is true. I refuse to believe it. I simply will disregard this post altogether.

We’re f@cked. The male race is f@cked. I quit.

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3 responses so far

  • http://shawarmamayor.blogspot.com/2008/07/keffiyeh-pushed-through-our-kids-throat.html Collette

    I just saw that the JoBros are linked to terrorists because of their scarves. Must be kharma.

  • http://jonasbrotherscommm.blogspot.com/ Ronan Robles

    Same, the Jonas brothers can make any song a decent song .

  • http://jonasbrotherscommm.blogspot.com/ Preston Holmes

    I love this song ! It’s awesome ! :D



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