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Jul 10 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Dr. Slappa Ho

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Dr. Slappa Ho

Granted you have to like this guy’s nick name, I just wish he didn’t fall into the toolbox category. There was just so much promise here. I feel like Dr. Slappa Ho would be a perfect name for some slightly overweight, knowledgeable about sports, fun type of guy.

Instead? Instead I think you see the definition of what L.A. Trash is. No disrespect, actually plenty of disrespect here, is it even possible for this guy to be from any other region than California? Absolutely not.

And what’s with this low cut jeans thing? Aren’t only girls supposed to wear those? There’s only two things this guy can be. Either gay or homosexual. I don’t see it any other way.

P.S. if you look closely I think this guy resembles Will Ferrell a little bit.

Slappa my ass

Dr. Slappa Ho Dr. Slappa Ho Dr. Slappa Ho Dr. Slappa Ho

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5 responses so far

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  • SlappaJo

    he has a nipple in his armpit….

  • Ryan

    Definitely gay, insecure, and …. on steroids.

    I agree about the Jeans. Dude those are way too tight. Take a look at yourself.

  • r

    It isn’t too tight. It beats those saggers. Ugh. I’d rather to see fitted jeans than baggy and pants half way down butt.

    I agree that he looks like Will Ferrell. Maybe his evil gay twin seperated by birth.

    P.S. – Poor photoshop of eye color.

  • Chris

    I don’t think that is his hair.

    I think he has a porcupine-skin hat on.




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