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Jul 08 2008

I Really Don’t Like the Look on This Guy’s Face

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Annoying Guy

Constipation, dorkiness, hemorrhoids, virgin, Battlestar Galactica, Fantasy Star….you get the picture. I want to kill this guy.

Welcome to another installment of “I really don’t like the look on this guy’s face.” Today I’ve searched far and wide to find another four pictures of guys who really need a good ass kicking.

To help me along the way I’ve used terms like “Annoying guy, drunk cowboy hat, putz, and schmuck.”

Here are the results

Annoying Guy

Anyone with that much white in the white part of their eyes deserves to get a serious ass whooping. Either that or stay the hell out of this guy’s way because he probably concocted some kind of deadly virus in his basement and he can’t wait to unleash it on society.

Annoying Guy

Kill yourself Asshole. Seriously, just kill yourself.

Annoying Guy

Granted the old school Buck Williams jersey is pretty sweet, this picture would be much much better if some giant bouncer were form tackling this guy right onto the pool table.

Annoying Guy

Create your own caption. Mine? Blurblelleruiaslruaoeiuroasdf;lakjdf;alkdjf. What a douche.

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