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Jul 02 2008

Some of the Best Short Lived NBA Jerseys

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Patrick Sonics

There are going to be plenty of disagreements here in terms of what constituted a cool NBA Jersey and what constituted something being lame. But if you’re in my camp then you can completely agree that Hakeem Olajuwon in a Raptors Jersey and Patrick Ewing in a Sonics Jersey are awfully crappy. Based on those two, we can then get down to business.

My picks for the best short lived NBA Jerseys.

And by short lived I mean 5 years or less and clearly the years on this team weren’t the player’s twilight years. Put it this way: When you think of these players, you don’t really ever think of them as being on the teams that they were actually on.

Kobe Bryant – Hornets

Kobe Bryant

That’s as close as you’ll see Kobe in the Aqua jersey of a Hornet

Kobe Bryant is the only one on the list where the player didn’t really play on the team or ever wear the jersey. However, I think it’d be pretty cool to own a Kobe Hornets jersey. Do they exist?

Chris Webber – Warriors


I loved Chris Webber on the Warriors. He was such a badass back then. So close to his days of being a Fab 5 and the days of having sex with teachers in high school. His true prime was on the Kings but it’s much cooler to see him as a Warrior, even though it was for only one season (unless you count 07-08)

Jermaine O’Neal – Blazers


Before Jermaine O’Neal was really Jermaine O’Neal.

He started becoming good on the Blazers but he wasn’t the man until Indiana. That would be a sweet jersey to own.

Ben Wallace – Bullets or Magic

Ben Wallace

Did anyone even know who Ben Wallace was before he joined the Pistons? I didn’t think so.

Rasheed Wallace – Hawks


One of the best short lived Jerseys of all time. How long was this for? A week? Two days?

Tracy McGrady – Raptors


Man was this guy a high flyer back then. People don’t realize the stuff he used to do in games as a Raptor. Pretty amazing.
Dominique Wilkins - Celtics


I know that C’s fans will like this and most people won’t. But I have to admit, Dominique looked good in Celtics green and the important thing is that he still had some game left when he was in that uniform. The Magics jersey was a lost cause.

Chuck Person – Spurs

Chuck Person

I don’t know about you guys but I remember “The Rifleman” as one of the only guys who could do battle with Larry Bird back when he was a Pacer. But seeing him on the Spurs and draining three’s was pretty awesome.

Matt Bullard – Hornets


I did this one out of sheer humor. Bullard was always such a staple chucker for the Rockets and I found it incredibly amusing seeing him try to drain treys for the Hornets. Doesn’t he look 60?

Honorable Mention

Steve Nash – ’96-’98 Suns – I find it funny that Nash was a complete nobody before the Mavericks and yet his first two years in the league were on the Suns (where he currently resides as one of the best point guards in the NBA).

Scottie Pippen – Blazers – Scottie could go either way and I’ll let the voters decide.

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  • http://americaswhiteboy.blogspot.com America’s White Boy

    Tim Hardaway – Pacers Jersey
    Anfernee Hardaway – Suns Jersey
    Jalen Rose – Suns Jersey
    Keith Van Horn – 07-08 Nets Jersey

  • BD

    Dont forget about Pippen and his stylin’ Rockets uni

  • DC

    Sheed was on the Hawks for exactly one game. I personally want one of those jerseys as well.

  • Joe

    What about the MJ 45 jersey he sported during his first comeback with the Bulls. While he was still with the same team, it was pretty short lived.

  • Dave

    Ben Wallace was a Wizard before he was on Orlando! You could see the greatness way back then. Then we traded him to Orlando for Tree Rollins or something equally as asinine and regretted it ever since.

  • http://www.tailgatingideas.com Tailgating Dave

    How about Bo Kimble with the New York Knicks? A grand total of less than an hour of game time in that jersey.

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  • Evo Ninja

    What about the time in 1990 when Jordan’s #23 jersey was stolen in Orlando and MJ had to wear #12?



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