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Jun 28 2008

Sexy Saturday: Nikolina Pisek

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Nikolina Pisek

For those of you who are not losers and are having a normal weekend which consists of anything but being on a computer, great. For the tools out there that I’m relying on to stay in and read this drivel, I thank you. And as a reward, the talented chest of Nikolina Pisek is proudly on display here on Uncoached’s Sexy Saturday.

Nikolina Pisek is a Croatian and is hot. That’s pretty much all I know about her. And that was after searching for about an hour. So if any of you would like to fill me in on the intimate and childhood details on this model, I’m all ears.

If not, who cares. You can always enjoy her frame after the jump

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Jun 28 2008

The Weekend Wash: Ranae Shrider’s Time, Kelly Brook is Busy, and Miley Cyrus Licking

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Sex Tape

This is her. This is the Mini Me girl

I hope all of you are having a pleasant weekend. Here are some links to get you through the day.

The Wash

Ranae Shrider’s 15 min of fame with Mini Me – [Holy Taco]

Kelly Brook has been a busy bee – [On205th]

Does Miley Cyrus have a licking fetish? – [Drunkenstepfather]

How not to smuggle beer into a sporting event – [Busted Coverage]

Things a drunken pilot will say over the intercom – [Doubleviking]

Michelle Hunziker: Enough Said – [COED Magazine]

It’s about time we had a realistic sex scene – [Asylum]

Dannii Harwood is a fine British babe – [Bright Black Internet]

Lara Logan is smart, sexy, and foreign – [Macgsworld]

Danilo Gallinari’s New York reception – [Brahsome]

Check out these awkward draft day handshakes – [Next Round]

This is just wrong – [The Putdown]

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Jun 27 2008

Gina Carano Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo to see Gina do things on video

If there’s one women I’d actually like to treat me like crap it’d have to be Gina Carano. Perhaps I’m just in a tough girl mood today. First it’s hockey and now I want girls beating me up. I think I need to set up an appointment with a Dominatrix to get my ass in line.

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Vanessa minnillo Hiatt Karema Adebibe Jennifer Ellison Audrina Klum Warren Nereida

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Jun 27 2008

Songs that are kind of Lame but Great Anyway: “You’re the Best Around,” Joe Esposito

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen. We’re talking Karate Kid here. There’s just no way you don’t get pumped up when you hear this.

And if you don’t have this programmed into your IPOD then you’re just not worthy of being a friend of mine.

P.S. This video is amazing. I think Dutch is one of the coolest characters of all time. By the way, the guy who plays him is Steve McQueen’s son Chad.

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Jun 27 2008

10 Out of Place Songs That Work Really Well in Movies

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Reservoir Dogs

Sometimes songs just seem to fit a movie. For example, it’s pretty obvious that one would use the song “Singing in the Rain” in a movie where the guy is actually singing and it’s actually raining.

However, some movies play a song and you think to yourself, “Dude, what the hell is going on here?” and you just can’t fathom why the song has been used.

However, after thinking about it you realize how disturbing, yet indescribably appropriate the use of that song was.

Here are my picks (in no particular order) for the 10 most out of place songs that work really well in movies

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Jun 27 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Crystal Brooke

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Crystal Brooke

Crystal Brooke has a unique look that really sucked me in.   Crystal is a HIN girl (Hot Import Nights). What that basically means is that she’s kind of a Vegas type who go-go dances, models at car shows, and parties for a living.  Basically, a total superstar.

She rolls around with your Denise Milani’s and Lisa Angeline’s of the world. From the looks of her Myspace Profile she appears to be the baby of the bunch and if memory serves, initiation to be one of the “ladies” requires a nude run through Pure nightclub.

Man I wish I were there for that. In addition I wish that initiation ritual were in fact true. Unfortunately it’s not but I can still hope.

See Crystal’s HIN Greatness after the jump

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Jun 27 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: JSin

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J Sin

Alright, the whole JSin for Jason thing is more than enough reason for this guy to be up here. That and the fact that his finely groomed goatee would look much cooler sported on a woman’s vagina.

Although yet again, this is a guy who I might regret putting up here because there’s a part of me that thinks he might actually be mentally challenged. So of course the whole “you’re going to hell for posting this guy” thought creeps in.

Then again, wouldn’t I go to hell for calling this guy a f*&king retard?


J Sin J Sin J Sin J Sin

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Jun 27 2008

Uncoached Moment: The Birth of Elizabeth Berkley’s Career

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I dare you not to laugh when you see this. Such a classic.

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Jun 27 2008

I Don’t Know about You Guys, But I’m pumped for NCAA Women’s Hockey

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She looks hot to me, and that’s all that I care about.

I’m sure all of you are very interested to know that “The University of Minnesota Duluth women’s hockey team has announced two signings declaring their intent to remain in the championship hunt for the 2008-2009 season.” CSTV Reports that ” The Bulldogs have inked forward Pernilla Winberg and defenseman Jenni Asserholt from Team Sweden.”

Actually I’m not really sure I care at all. What I have realized is how amazing it would be if there were hot women hockey players. Think about it. A female hockey player is a true tough girl. Can you imagine how a collegiate athlete would handle you? Forget the slashing and hooking, I’d really love to get in the penalty box with some of them.

That’s the new game folks. Finding hot NCAA Women’s hockey players. Who is that number 4 girl on Wisconsin? Her name is Mikka Nordby. I’m a big fan (at least from my one or two pictures). Come on WCHA!

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Jun 27 2008

Friday’s Funbag: Michelle Huziker, Sexy Russian Cheerleaders, and Amazing Pool Shots

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Michelle Huziker

Anyone ever hear of Michelle Huziker?

And welcome to Friday’s Funbag! Uncoached is finally bringing you links every day (except for Sunday and that will never happen). Aren’t you proud of me? No. I’m not proud of me. And I’m not gay either.

The Bag

Michelle Huziker is making some noise in the U.S. – [Drunkenstepfather]

Russians doing splits is worthy of my attention – [Bright Black Internet]

Check out these pool shots that were done with Satan’s help – [Asylum]

There’s nothing gay about Lisa Rinna’s purple shirt – [Flatusyahu]

Use Cellphones to make popcorn – [Cameltap]

Leeann Tweeden is yesterday’s cupcake – [Nextround]

Rumor has it Charlize Theron skips showers – [World of Isaac]

Yesterday’s distraction (and a really weird but funny pic) – [Gibbs12]

The 13 Hottest Women Wolverine has slept with – [Bamkapow]

Using breasts as an alternative energy source – [Walletpop]

Celebrity cougar time! – [Unibrow]

No more sexy tuxedo shirts at Wimbledon – [Machochip]

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