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Jun 30 2008

I Really Don’t Like the Look on this Guy’s Face

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Look buddy, I see what you’re doing here. You’re sitting at your computer trying to do the whole “whatever the hell you’re doing” face, but give it a rest.

Would anyone ever think this is even remotely funny? I mean even the Cyber dork at the other computer screen who’s using his webcam to get a cheap laugh at 3am? He’s probably thinking “pure douche.”

Considering the warm reception for our first, “I really don’t like the look on this guy’s face” post, having come across these winners, I had to squeeze this in today.

Enjoy our winners after the jump


Dude, it’s not funny. It just isn’t. You’re not gonna make it at whatever acting profession you are trying to make it in. That face is just gonna piss people off. Trust me.


Word has it this guy also had bell bottoms on that night. There’s a very slight part of me that thinks this guy would actually come up with some decent conversation. Anyone who has hair like that has to have some decent stories. On the other hand, I’d really like to just rip that hair off in one foul swoop.


Any feeling other than “I’d love nothing more than to punch this guy in the face” is the wrong feeling.


I actually like this guy…a lot.

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  • derTeufel

    that first guy doesn’t really bug me, cuz i have nothing against brits (just going by his teeth– sorry if he’s not actually a brit). second guy– yeah, idiot, for sure. not remotely funny. third guy– probably would be a really cool dude to know and be friends with, but only online, like as a forum friend or someone you email with. wouldn’t want to be seen in public with him, or probably even meet him in person at all (and the expression is “one fell swoop;” like all good expressions, it’s from shakespeare (macbeth)). and the fourth guy– we are in total agreement. you said all that needs to be said regarding him. fifth guy– let’s get nine more just like him, with nine more signs, one for each of the other ten amendments. that would be cool.

  • Carol

    Does that last guy go to Columbia? looks like it in the background.



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