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Jun 26 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: The Brook Hogan Follow Up, Bikini Jell-O Girl, and The Allure of Ali Larter

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Brook Hogan

Remember this picture? There have been important developments since

I gotta say I’m a little saddened by the lack of basketball on television these days. I love baseball and all, but it’s kind of boring to watch a 9 inning game unless you’re actually there. And even then, you usually go with a buddy and chit chat most of the time. I’d love to have some kind of NBA vs. Gladiators special on TV. Shaq could be one of the Gladiators and he and Kobe could joust. That’d be great television.

The Twelve

The follow up to Brook Hogan’s pool side rub down – [Holy Taco]

Bikini Jell-O Wrestler arrested for assault – [Asylum]

There’s just something about Ali Larter – [Complex]

Natalie Martinez is deserving of her Miss COED award – [COED Magazine]

Ladies, if you turn around we won’t mind – [Bright Black Internet]

7 LPGA Ladies have been recruited to model – [Sports By Brooks]

Can’t Someone Strip for the children? – [Withleather]

Ashley Harkleroad Talks About her Playboy Shoot – [Micklanders]

Watch Out: Britney now has overnight privileges – [Hecklerspray]

Strahan already talking shit about former teammates – [Awful Announcing]

The Last Laptop – [Unique Daily] (tribal boobs in this so technically not NSFW but watch it]

An amazingly sneaky goal. Pretty awesome – [Meaningful Collateral]

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