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Jun 26 2008

Pimpin’ ain’t easy for Joe Morgan

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Joe Morgan

You have to like Joe Morgan now

There’s been plenty of talk about Joe Morgan of late. Cubs fans are pissed at him for criticizing Ernie Banks and it’s not often that you’re honored with your very own Fire Joe Morgan blog. If there’s anything to get Joe into our good graces it has to be this picture does it not?

If you’ve seen this before then excellent. The moment you saw it, no matter how much you disliked the guy you should have given Morgan at least one “good” point instead an “evil”point.

If you haven’t seen this picture then just assume Joe Morgan is the man. My own take on the man? Personally I don’t think his analysis is all that bad, but any time he talks about anything else, and I mean anything else, you know you’re in for some kind of “treat.” Just call the play by play buddy. We don’t need all of that extra crap mixed in. Opinions? Statements? That’s what we have John Kruk for.

Personally I’d love to see Charles Barkley do “Baseball Tonight.” That would be incredible.

Joe Morgan Joe Morgan Joe Morgan

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