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Jun 25 2008

Wednesday’s Wash: Hot for Teacher, Facial Support, and the 118th Sexy WAG

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Teacher Lay Non Athletes of the AVP lead the PM Portfolio

Would you have sex with this woman? Maybe if you live in Alabama and play baseball

Welcome to Wednesday’s wash. Hope everyone is having a fine over the hump day. In other news, I just came back from the bathroom where a guy who had a much bigger penis than me was standing next to me at the urinal. The answer is “no.” I did not look. It was that big. So now I feel kind of crappy.

The Wash

Alabama School Teacher faces 20 years for “seducing” 8 baseball players – [Sports by Brooks]

Using your face support isn’t the greatest idea – [Withleather]

WAG Number 118: Elle Isaac – [The Spoiler]

As long as you don’t look at Orlando Bloom’s ass you’ll be fine – [Drunkenstepfather]

Where and how to find beautiful women – [Asylum]

Maria Sharapova’s New Look for the Grass – [Bright Black Internet]

A Great Compilation of News Screw Ups – [Next Round]

The Miss Boston 2008 Finals is money well spent – [College OTR]

Photo of the Day: Do you like sexy Canadian Girls? – [Micklanders]

The 10 Funniest Moments in Boob Groping History – [Unibrow]

“Smurfs Got Money” by Lil Wayne – [Tastybooze]

The 5 Creepiest Advertising Techniques – [Cracked]

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