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Jun 25 2008

Athletes Who Need to Be Back in College: JJ Redick

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JJ Redick

It ain’t so easy now is it JJ.

Must have been fun averaging over 30 pts a game and draining 19 foot three’s in college eh JJ? And it must have been even more fun knowing that the ladies were lining up just to take pictures with you, and in some cases licking those pictures.  But oh how times have changed for Mr. JJ Redick.

While the stroke is still the same, the success isn’t quite there for JJ. He’s just a young guard struggling to make his way. And while I hope J.J. has gotten his yellow, gapped teeth fixed (as you’ll see from the pictures), a distant part of me is actually kind of glad the kid isn’t doing so well. For once a Dukie isn’t getting his way and the expected success and glory of the NCAA is far from near to JJ.

Make all the hand gestures and “I’m the man” poses you want back at Duke, but in Orlando, you just averaged 4 pts a game with virtually no other stats. Play the game and shut up buddy. JJ Redick. Whatever dude.

JJ’s glory days after the jump

JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick JJ Redick

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  • http://www.tailgatingideas.com Tailgating Dave

    Other than Elton Brand, what other Duke player has really done anything in the NBA? Duke to the NBA is like Penn State running backs in the NFL. They all suck once they get to the next level.

  • Natty

    Carlos Boozer and Grant Hill. Come on man.

  • http://www.tailgatingideas.com Tailgating Dave

    Okay you got me on Boozer and Hill but the sheer numbers of flops from Duke that never lived up to the hype far outweigh those three.

    Luol Deng
    Chris Duhon
    Trajan Langdon
    Cherokee Parks
    Jay Williams
    Danny Ferry

    And the list goes on and on and on….

  • Tallguy

    Umm, Luol Deng has done pretty well so far, Chris Duhon is a competent backup point guard that was drafted in the second round and thus not a flop by any definition of the word, and Jay Williams was doing fine until his stupidity got himself injured. Langdon, Parks, and Ferry were all drafted at least 9 years ago…it’s time to stop using them as your examples when there are plenty of Duke players in the NBA right now that are doing quite well thank you.

  • Natty

    That wasn’t even the point of this article by the way. That’s an entirely different discussion. I’m just happy Redick ISN’T doing well. He had a pretty high opinion of himself at Duke. I just love it when players are brought back to earth. Especially Duke players.

  • Shane Battier

    Yeah, JJ doesn’t belong in the NBA. Too slow. Way too slow.

    But I doubt any other school could put together a 10-man roster of current players that would be better than Duke’s:

    Carlos Boozer
    Grant Hill
    Shane Battier
    Mike Dunleavy
    Corey Maggette
    Luol Deng
    Shelden Williams
    Chris Duhon
    JJ Redick
    Dahntay Jones

    The other nasty teams would be UConn, Arizona, UNC and Kansas.

  • Neil

    Corey Maggette has had a decent career in the NBA so far, even though he has yet to meet a shot he doesn’t like.

    And Duhon’s disappointment manifested itself in college long before he was a (second round) NBA Draft Pick. Duhon was supposed to be a perennial ACC Player of the Year coming out of a high school and struggled to shoot 40% in college. So I’d say his career is about par for the expected course in the NBA.

    If you wanted another big bust for your list, I’d go with Bobby Hurley.

  • http://purepoint.blogspot.com Loren

    Shane Battier would be a starter on pretty much every team in the NBA except for maybe Boston (Honestly can’t think of any others, Detroit possibly but I have to think he starts over Prince)

    Shelden Williams showed he was a capable PF his rookie year before Atlanta added Al Horford thereby banning him to the bench.

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  • dookSucks

    dook sucks. fook JJ

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