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Jun 25 2008

Actors Whose Names You Should Know but Probably Don’t: Bruce McGill

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Bruce McGill

For all of you folks over the age of 30 or any who like the movie Animal House, Bruce McGill is the guy who played D-Day. And for all of you present day people he was the fight promoter in Cinderella Man. But all in all McGill has been in what appears to be over 50 movies, not to mention tons of television.

He’s an amazing character actor who I think does his best work when he has a mustache. I especially enjoyed him in Timecop and when he played golf legend Walter Hagen in The Legend of Bagger Vance.

He’s got a portly, charismatic way about him and the man just doesn’t ever seem to mess up a role. So the next time you see this guy, you’ll know it’s Bruce McGill.

Love this guy

Bruce McGill Bruce McGill Bruce McGill

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  • Tom Woolf

    Don’t forget his being the crazy ex-Miami Vice detective who obsessed over an organized crime leader (whom he had killed years prior and hid behind a wall in a building). His squirting Sonny with an alligator squirt gun while Sonny was watering down his gator was classic (“Man squirts gator, gator squirts man!”).

    That, and MacGuyver’s occasional sidekick.



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