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Jun 24 2008

James Caan is Really Scary, But I’d do the Same Thing

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At first I thought about turning these pictures into a virtual “James Caan is psycho, he used to abuse his wife, etc etc” type of thing. And we all know the man isn’t the best apple in the bunch.

But then I started to realize something. When I’m closing in on 70 years old and I get an invite to Pamela Anderson’s suite in Las Vegas, do I just show up there and act quiet the whole time?

Or do I do what James Caan did? Get completely shitfaced. Look like a pedophile. Grope Pamela. Try and suck the face out of Pamela. Get in some boob fondles. Seriously. I think I’d do exactly what James did.

Sure he’s a loon but I think some of his faculties are most certainly in order. Thanks to my man J-Koot for alerting me to this story.

Caan-Anderson Caan-Anderson Caan-Anderson Caan-Anderson

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