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Jun 23 2008

I Really Don’t Like the Look on This Guy’s Face

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Faces I don’t like

At first the middle guy would appear to be the obvious choice right? Wrong. It’s the guy on the right. Glasses, collar up and making that hand thing gesture? Really? If someone choked him to death at that moment I wouldn’t care.

I’ve decided to start a new segment entitled “I Really Don’t like the look on this guy’s face.” Every once in a while I’ll be bringing out 5 pictures of guys who really shouldn’t be allowed to get into any bar in all of America.

It would just be wrong. In addition to the blackballed appearances, they should each get slapped in the face a few times by all of us.

Here we go…

Faces I don’t like

Gay. Gay. And more gayness. What a total fruitcake. This guy’s name is definitely Tyler. Why don’t you get us some more beer you hump.

Faces I don’t like

Let’s hear it for the chubby young guy who’s old enough to drink but doesn’t need to shave yet! Yay!

Faces I don’t like

I’d be very surprised if this guy hasn’t gotten his ass kicked at least 6 times this year. And he’s definitely the one who started the fight.

Faces I don’t like

Eh. This guy’s actually fine.

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