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Jun 19 2008

Memorable Mustaches of Major League Baseball

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MLB Mustache

Giambi needs to make a splash into 70′s porn after this season.

I gotta tell you. Jason Giambi hasn’t really been in my good graces for quite some time. But now that he’s clearly back on the juice and sporting a mustache, he’s becoming one of my favorite players in all of baseball.

Have you seen how thick this thing is getting? It’s truly amazing. And that reminded me of how awesome some of the ‘staches used to be back in the 70′s and 80′s in Major League Baseball.

Now obviously I haven’t hit them all so feel free to make your additions in the comment sections.

But, here are some memorable mustaches of Major League Baseball players.

Ken Phelps

MLB Mustache

Seriously, does Ken Phelps not look like a middle aged pedophile there? I’m amazed that this is only 1987. How old was this guy back then? Wow.

Pete Vuckovich

MLB Mustache MLB Mustache

You all know him from the movie Major League but Vuckovich was a pitcher in the real majors who was once known to eat a baseball to intimidate a batter.

Dan Quisenberry

MLB Mustache MLB Mustache

The famous sidearm closer, Dan Quisenberry ladies and gentlemen. Again, another guy who looks like he’s 50.

Wade Boggs

MLB Mustache

You know what I love about Boggs? That he was sporting a mustache when virtually no other players were. That’s why you gotta love Giambi right now.

Rollie Fingers

MLB Mustache

I think Rollie goes without saying.

Goose Gossage

MLB Mustache

I think Goose and Rollie are the epitome of great mustaches in major league baseball.

Any additions? Feel free to email me and we can make this a running list.

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