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Jun 16 2008

Gary Brackett Loves the Offseason

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Colts Fan Fest

“I really have to be here?”

Here are a couple of Indianapolis Colts (Gary Brackett and Tyjuan Hagler) signing autographs at the Metro United Way’s 4th Street Live Colts Event. Unfortunately players aren’t just allowed to play ball. They have to attend charity events like these and hang out with goofy mascots.

The one benefit? Potential sexual encounters with the cheerleaders who also sign autographs.

And what’s more? The dreamy singer Josh Coughlin sang for free! Yes I have no clue who the guy is either.

At least this article totally sucked

Colts Fan Fest Colts Fan Fest Colts Fan Fest Colts Fan Fest Colts Fan Fest Colts Fan Fest

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  • Erin McMahon

    Hello UnCoached & Natty-

    We support Gary and the Colts and applaud their efforts to bring attention to local communities and nonprofit organizations. Personally, I believe that just because one of our photographers caught Gary at an unexpected moment doesn’t mean he wished not to be there.

    Also- I wish to bring it to your attention you that you have used Metro United Way’s content, to which we own and reserve full rights, without our permission and without giving any kind of credit. These photos were taken by staff of Metro United Way and are the sole property of Metro United Way. In the future, contact us to get our permission before using any of our photos, videos, writing or any other content. Your adherence to copyright law is appreciated!


    - Erin McMahon

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