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Jun 15 2008

Sports Sunday – A Reminder of The Best

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I suppose the more time that goes by the more a player is somewhat forgotten. While his shoes still grace much of the feet of NBA players we’re just not hearing this guy’s name enough anymore.

Michael Jordan was far and away the scariest player of all time. I mean I was literally scared when this guy walked on the court against the Knicks. It was truly an amazing thing. I got nervous every single time he had the ball.

Part of it was an excitement and anticipation of what he would do to decimate a team. Only a few guys scare the shit out of players on opposing teams. Kobe is the only one that does it right now.

Jordan is the best ever, and I don’t think it’s even close.

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  • ken

    I would agree with you, but I was in Houston the three seasons that Hakeem Olajuwon was healthy. He put on a clinic on how the center position is to be played, schooling Shaq and Ewing on how it should be done. And at the risk of making Jazz fans mad, made Karl Malone look like the wimp he was. Hakeem never got the soft calls that Malone routinely did. Refs didn’t buy that he could still make a basket after getting hacked, mugged, and/or raped in the paint. Yet he did.

    Eh… Houston’s championships are tainted by the lack of MJ in the league, which in no small part was due to Hakeem’s dominance. It’s one of those “disagree with me all you want, but I was lucky enough to see the definition of a position” while it was being done.



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