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Jun 12 2008

Whatever Happened to Kenneth From Can’t Buy Me Love?

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Courtney Gains Courtney Gains

“You shit on my house!” Oh yeah. We all remember good old Kenneth do we not? The red haired dorky friend of Patrick Dempsey in the movie Can’t Buy Me Love. Remember how pissed he was when Dempsey tried to apologize in the arcade? Awesome.

So what’s Courtney Gains (yes Courtney) up to these days? I remember the last time I saw him was in an episode of Seinfeld as a video store clerk where he had really long hair.

But Gains still acts (and produces). I think his most notable role was in the movie Dorm Daze where he played “Lorenzo the Black Hand.” Seriously though, he does plenty of TV and I hope people still shit on his house.


Courtney Gains Courtney Gains Courtney Gains Courtney Gains Courtney Gains

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  • Gadfly151

    That butthole was also in “Children of the Corn”…
    It is comon knowledge that all male red-headed children should be put to death at birth…too bad he escaped. I really hate that guy.

  • ry

    This guy was malachi in Children of the Corn…..used to scare the shit out of me as a kid…..

  • thomas

    malaki still gives me nightmares. I think I saw this guy in a gas station a couple of weeks back. freaked me the F out!

  • Beas

    He was in Colors too wasn’t he as the axward opie looking Latino Gangsta….that movie kicks ass….also Mario Lopez is in it too as one of the Latino Gangsters….wait for the part where they are walking up the street flashing gang signs right before they shoot it out with the Crips.

  • eltrut

    He was in “the burbs”! Hans Klopek!

    “where do you think you’re going, Pinocchio?!”



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