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Jun 11 2008

Which Sports Movies Have the Hottest Cheerleaders?

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Movie Cheerleaders

The reason I titled this article with a question mark is because it’s a very tough one to answer. There are loads of movies to choose from.

And here’s a hint on what NOT to do. Do not search the term “Movie Cheerleaders” and then do an image result when doing your research. Let’s just say too many images wound up with the tags “Giant” and “Dildo.”

But in the spirit of well…spirit I’ve selected a few movies that have some pretty hot girls cheering on their movie heroes.

This list is obviously not set in stone so chime in if I’ve missed anything.


Movie Cheerleaders

If you remember the final scenes of this movie you might recall that plenty of ridiculous tail was shaking it on the “Ocho.” Jason Bateman is the star of that movie.

Bring It On

Movie Cheerleaders

If I don’t admit that Bring it On is a sports movie then the feminists will come after me. Bottom line, it’s about Cheerleading and I can certainly take more of this movie than Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

Any Given Sunday

Movie Cheerleaders

There are shots throughout the movie of hotties on the field. By the way, the cocaine snort off the breasts scene? Were those cheerleaders?


Movie Cheerleaders

Easily the hottest cheerleaders I’ve seen in any sports movie or pseudo sports movie. I honestly think this movie paved the way for cheerleaders in MLB.

Varsity Blues

Movie Cheerleaders

Ali Larter. Enough Said.

The Replacements

Movie Cheerleaders

A lot of people didn’t like this movie. I personally thought it was a hoot. These chicks were smoking.

Movie Cheerleaders

Have a nice day kids.

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