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Jun 06 2008

Man I’d Hate to Guard this Guy: Sweatiest Players in the NBA (Sans Patrick Ewing)

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Sweaty Players

As I watched the NBA Finals last night, I realized that Kevin Garnett looked like he’d played an entire game before warm ups. It was pretty amazing how sweaty the guy was. Then I realized how aggravating it must be to guard a guy that sweaty.

Over the years, the league has seen many sweaters out there. We all know Patrick Ewing is the king of sweat so while I acknowledge it, I put together some more guys who must really aggravate their defenders.

As always, if you have players to add, suggestions would be appreciated.

Let’s get on with it.

Kendrick Perkins

Sweaty Players

Did you see this guy last night? Even when he came out of the locker room after being hurt he was soaked through.

Chris Kaman

Sweaty Players

Even all the Kamaniacs out there couldn’t stop this guy from leaking for an entire 48 minutes. Imagine that hair swinging in your face as he posts you up. Man that’s disgusting


Sweaty Players

This one’s obvious. Ever see him at the foul line? Disturbing.

Kevin Duckworth

Sweaty Players

No explanation necessary.

Oliver Miller

Sweaty Players

No explanation necessary.

Kevin Garnett

Sweaty Players

I explained that one earlier

Robert Traylor

Sweaty Players

No explanation necessary

Charles Barkley

Sweaty Players

This one I just heard and researched. Plus he gets pretty shiny up in that TNT booth.

Lamar Odom

Sweaty Players

Another guy to watch at the foul line in this finals series. Very sweaty.

Patrick Ewing

Sweaty Players

Sorry, had to do it. The King!

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