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Jun 06 2008

Cool Male Stuff: Our Highlight is the Beer Case Jacuzzi

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Cool Male Stuff

A woman will never understand why this is just badass. Perhaps if it were tampon cases they’d get the picture.

I’ve decided that this segment is either really going to take off or completely bomb so your comments will be appreciated. I’ve decided to scour around the internet and find some things that us guys will truly understand and appreciate. These things are more than likely to baffle females and have them say things like “that is so disgusting, I can’t believe you like that.”

My response? Women just don’t understand what gets us guys going (other than big breasts, which are certainly featured in this article).

So without further interruption I’d like to present the first edition of “Cool Male Stuff.”

The Uroclub

Cool Male Stuff

I kind of like this little trick. Simple, useful. If you’re in a pinch on the golf course and you have no bathroom or trees in site, what the hell do you do? Get a Uroclub

World Record Breasts

Cool Male Stuff

Congratulations Maxi Mounds. Now why can’t women understand how awesome this is?

The 60 Bacon Slice Burger

Cool Male Stuff

It doesn’t get much more male than that.

Is she a hooker or a cop?

Cool Male Stuff

Probably a video we’ll all need to see at least once in our lifetimes

The Beer Belly

Male Stuff

This thing is pretty money.

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

4 responses so far

  • Crash Chloride

    By all means keep these types of posts coming.

    I would like to see more on how to construct a beer case hot tub though and Maxi Mounds… too much of a good thing.

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  • A Butterfly

    “Now why can’t women understand how awesome this is?”

    Because it looks EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL.. :))



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