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Jun 05 2008

This Can’t Be My Daughter Someday: Tanesha Chanel

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Tanisha Chanel

After a long hiatus, “This Might Be Your Daughter Someday” has returned. This time, however, I want to focus on a girl that I’d really be upset if she was ever my daughter.

Meet Tanesha Chanel, a 21 year old party girl from Newport Beach, CA. As one would notice, Tanesha is fairly attractive. You just have to feel for this girl’s dad. I mean how the hell can you walk around with a daughter like that?

Am I just not ready to be a father? I mean he obviously knows his daughter’s hot right? How the hell do you deal with that?

Let me show you and imagine being the father of this girl….

Tanisha Chanel

So you’re in your 50′s and you decide to check out your daughter’s Myspace profile… Is there a moment in this guy’s life that he’s not stressed?

Tanisha Chanel

OK, that wouldn’t stress me out.

Tanisha Chanel

“Hey dad, check out my new friends. Can they come over for a sleepover?”

Tanisha Chanel

Best thing about this picture: Any self respecting heterosexual male loves a picture like this. One two males out there don’t. You guessed it. The fathers of these two. And yet those same two fathers see this same style picture of two different girls? They love it.

And for every male out there except for Tanesha’s dad, here are a few more.

Tanisha Chanel Tanisha Chanel Tanisha Chanel Tanisha Chanel Tanisha Chanel Tanisha Chanel Tanisha Chanel

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