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Jun 05 2008

Random Term Image Search – “Feel the Burn”

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Feel the Burn

Get up Roundboy

One might think that using the term “Feel the Burn” would result in a whole bunch of fitness pictures or hot chicks. While I certainly yielded my fare share of spandex and push ups, there were other interesting returns when I typed this term into Flickr.

Instead of doing my normal top three with a few more pictures at the end, I decided to add captions to all of the pictures this time.

Feel my burn after the jump

Feel The Burn

The Obvious Choice

Feel the Burn

Seriously man, you can’t tell me that’s not hot. Check out the skirt coming up. Damn.

Feel the Burn

Only one word for this picture: “No”

Feel the Burn

“Feel the Burn?” What the hell? Where is there any feel or any burn here? It’s two kids trapped in a laundry basket for Christ’s sake.


Alright, if you are into this Anime porn crap you’re a complete weirdo and I’d be embarrassed to be seen with you. Ooohhh, the burn!

Feel the Burn

Picture is hot right? That’s a dude. Just kidding.

Feel the Burn

Another obvious choice.

Feel the Burn

This is by far the coolest guy I will ever post on this site or any other. Look at this guy. Can you imagine the stories this guy must have? Wow.

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