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Jun 04 2008

“I Wanna Rock” – Hilarious/Inappropriate Entrance Songs in the MLB

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John Rocker

We all know that “Enter the Sandman” and “Hells Bells” are staples in the MLB for closers to come out to. And we all know that some songs pump up the players and the fans. But how about the weird stuff?

Unfortunately that memorable “Complete list of MLB Players Entrance Music” no longer shows up on Wikipedia but fear not, I have a wonderful memory (and proof here and here) and I’ve decided to put together some pretty funny (and great) songs that players came out to over the years.

By the way these are 100% real. Do the research. If you have any suggestions, feel free to add your comments and songs. In the meantime, enjoy these 7 picks.

I think it’s pretty evident that the more racially insensitive these songs are, the funnier they become.

#7 – Eric Byrnes – “Disco Inferno”

The best songs are the ones that players don’t really choose. The stadiums play them and Byrnsy had no choice in his early days on the A’s. The crazy Byrnes would have to listen to the gayness that is Disco Inferno.

*6 – Reed Johnson – “She Bang” by William Hung – back in 2004 on the Blue Jays

I just thought this was funny.

#5 – Cliff Floyd – “Sanford and Son” Theme.

Really? Sanford and Son? Are you just implying that this guy works in a junkyard with his father? Floyd couldn’t have picked this song. I refuse to believe it.

#4 – Ken Griffey Jr. – “Just Let Your Soul Glow” from Coming to America

Word is Griffey actually chose this song and used it in his days with the Mariners. If you were a fan of Griffey before then this should simply quantify that sentiment by about a million.

#3 – Shiggy Hasegawa – “Getting Jiggy With it”

Any time you have an Asian in the ball park and an American hip hop song you know it’s funny.

#2 – Kaz Matsui - “Bruce Lee Theme”

Back when Matsui was on the Mets he used this tune. It’s the theme from Enter the Dragon. A. Matsui chose this song and B. It couldn’t be any more racist if it tried.

#1 – Ramon Castro – “The Imperial March” from Star Wars

The reason I chose this as a number one is because I’m fully convinced Castro had absolutely no idea what this song was and that’s pretty much the reason that Shea Stadium would play it. But it was hilarious to see a bewildered Castro come out to it.

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13 responses so far

  • mike

    in 2007, pat burrell used “holy diver” by james ronnie dio.

  • Boomer

    When Rafael Palmeiro was promoting Viagra, he came to Pittsburgh and the organist played the “Pop goes the Weasel” music. I know you really can’t consider that an entrance theme, but if you were paying attention, you’d definitely catch the joke there.

  • iain

    juan pierre uses beyonce’s deja vu specifically the jay -z rapped

    ‘used to run base like juan pierre’

  • Mark

    Ryan Klesko used to use Lynard Skynard’s “Simple Man”. That should be self explanitory.

  • Enrico Pallazzo

    When Paul Sorrento played for the Indians in the mid-90′s, he would stroll to the plate to Hair Of The Dog by Nazareth.

    However, nothing beats the PA guy in Cleveland getting into hot water for playing Billy Joel’s ‘Big Shot’ (‘You had the Dom Perignon in your hand…And the spoon up your nose’) when Steve Howe came on to pitch for the Yankees…

  • RP

    Derek Jeter has inexplicably been coming to bat with “the Humpty Dance” this season

  • Matt

    Barry Bonds used to come out to “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” This couldn’t have been more ironic.

  • Jaybo

    All time best… Manny Ramirez got in some trouble with MLB when he was coming to the plate to “Because I Got High” by Afroman. Couldn’t write a better song for Manny.

  • Wiggum Fan
  • Rk33

    Actually, the reason Castro comes out to the Imperial March is because he is nicknamed Darth Vader due to his enormous head.

  • Jefferson Twilight

    Manny Ramirez got in trouble for “Good Times (I Get High”) by Styles P, not “Because I Got High” by Afroman.

  • Drew

    Richie Sexson of the Mariners comes out to Biggies, Big Poppa. Richie may be the worst hitter in the league and he is also really, really white. Also why are there so many mariners on this list?

  • Dave

    For a strecth of about Two months last year, Manny was coming to the plate to “Umbrella” by Rhianna.



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