. The Top Ten Tailgating Schools in the Nation (Represented By Picture) |

Jun 03 2008

The Top Ten Tailgating Schools in the Nation (Represented By Picture)

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Back in March of this year “Tailgater Monthly” gave their list of the top ten Tailgating schools. While they had their own methods and criteria of coming up with this list (which included word of mouth, drinking, food etc.), I decided the best way to settle this would be to take this list and find a decent picture to represent each school in the list.

And what constitutes a good picture? A hot chick of course. Two more schools were added for good measure: Michigan State and Texas.

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for my top ten tailgating schools as rated by pictures with an attractive female

This List is in no particular order – you be the judge

University of Texas


University of Wisconsin


University of Tennessee




Penn State

Penn State

Ole Miss

Ole Miss

Michigan State

Michigan State









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31 responses so far

  • Dalke Geedz

    Enrollment in liberal arts program at Colorado up 17% this semester…

  • Natty

    That’s clearly because of their tailgating abilities. I refuse to believe it’s anything else.

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  • http://caps-tap.blogspot.com Brandon

    Clearly you’ve never been to Ann Arbor. If you are basing your list soley on the amount of attractive co-eds, I assure you that there are approximately 68 Division I-A schools ahead of Michigan. The schools academic standards are very high, and thus, schools like Michigan, Notre Dame, Northwestern, etc. will suffer as a result.

    Instead, have a look at schools like Florida, Florida State, Arizona, Arizona State, Ohio State. Hell, even Miami of Ohio, where I went to school, has much sexier co-eds than Michigan.


  • Natty

    Brandon. I based the pictures on the article I read.

    I 100% agree with you about those schools having the hottest chicks. 100%

  • Robert

    Dude….Michigan? Are you a chubby chaser? Or have you just never been to Ann Arbor?

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  • http://caps-tap.blogspot.com Brandon

    Well, we need to find you some better pictures! haha


  • http://blackdog-thegrassisalwaysgreener.blogspot.com/ blackdog

    Its ironic that the USC pic is actually taken outside the Rose Bowl, regular season home of UCLA. But then, if this was taken on Jan. 1, then its very appropriate, since we Trojans ‘own’ it in January. HAHAHA….

  • The Truth

    SEC and Pac 10 schools clearly deserve all the love. Big Televen schools need some serious help. Those pudgy midwest skanks are nasty.

  • Kage

    That’s the best you could do for Michigan State? Really?

  • Tigh

    Brandon, Michigan’s academic standards are not very high and should not be compared to the likes of Notre Dame.

    Hopefully, you didn’t go to Michigan because you would have noticed that the picture was not taken at Michigan but actually Notre Dame.

  • The Truth sucks penis

    I think the problem was that the SEC and Pac 10 schools had difficulty keeping up with academics and keeping their “student” athletes out of prison so the Big Ten got more love.

  • Bobby

    I go to UNC-Wilmington. While we may not actually have a football team, we are located on the coast and I can guarantee you that 95% of our coeds are hotter than most of the schools on this list. Especially schools like Michigan and Penn State are you kidding me?? Just thought I’d let you know. UNCDUB

  • Conor

    @ Brandon… i agree, I lived on the Ohio -MIchigan border and went to both schools for games….Ohio State rocks the fucking socks off Michigan. And Michigan State? Why the fuck is that even on this list?

  • Hawaii

    Agree 1000000% with the number one being Auburn. Headed there in the fall, WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

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  • Rob

    You guys are effing crazy. If you want a true tailgate top ten just include all the SEC schools except for Vanderbilt… well, make a top 11 and throw in Florida State for good measure and make it a top 12. And what is up with Michigan St.? It is just a hot girl in a State t-shirt. Was it too cold to tailgate outside?? Shame shame. Maybe you should have gone down south where it would be 75 with partly cloudy skies and an 80% chance of scoring.

  • Colin

    For one, the fact that the picture for Wisconsin shows people in the game, is not support for tailgating. At IU nobody goes into the game, everyone stays out and continues to party. That is tailgating genius. As the shirts say, “We don’t have football games, we have tailgates”

  • Jay

    Ole Miss is by far the best tailgating school in the country. Ive been to every big stadium and seen every big rivalry game and there is nothing as unique as the GROVE. Thousands of attractive girls dressed in their sunday best drunk off bourbon hours before game time. Funnest weekend of my life

  • G Dubba

    Wow – apparently these guys went to a mid-tier state school and majored in communications because they sure as shit didn’t do their homework. That picture of the Michigan Tailgate is taken at Notre Dame. The Tradition shirt was ND’s official shirt last year. The yellow one behind it was from two years ago.
    And yes, I will concede that ND does not have an ample supply of sexy coeds. It’s a small school with high standards. This is why there it has a sister school – St. Mary’s. A Whole lotta cute catholic girls that just want to tailgate without all that acedemic BS.
    But seriously, we could’ve done better than this picture.

  • brett

    How about UGA anyone? You’re a liar if you’re gonna try and tell me UGA isn’t in the top 10! So why not tailgate with Georgia and actually watch your team win.

  • Sarcastro

    Brett, UGA? Please.

    Y’know how to get a Georgia co-ed into your dorm room? Grease her hips.

    I kid. Too good a joke to pass up though. UGA’s problem, in regards to tailgating at least, is all the hot girls are hippies and don’t go to the games.

    And Jay, ‘funnest’? Are you a graduate of Ole Miss as well?

    Although I must say the Ole Miss girls in this set are the runaway winners. Although the Auburn tiger-babe is kind of kinky…

  • Hawaii

    Just go down to auburn anyday and you well see some absolutley beautiful women. Suprisingly that picture is actually an understatment of the females at auburn.

  • http://theworldofisaac.blogspot.com Isaac

    couple of notes:

    ole miss should definitely be on there….

    little disappointed about UM being on there…

    MSU should have been represented better…

  • jovol

    Big ten tailgating? that has to be a joke, i mean the big ten girls have to put on at least 20-25lbs of winter fat so they don’t freeze. i’ll take the SEC any day. SEC girls rules.

  • pulpgrinder

    Why did you include Northern schools. Yeah, jeans and big, bulky sweaters are awesome! They do help cover those Midwestern guts. That’s the best Wisconsin and Penn State have to offer? Jesus, what a depressing thought. Just stick to southern schools or some California schools where short shorts and bikini tops can be worn through the end of bowl season.

  • http://facebook.com .weezie

    you haven’t seen nothing til you see the Vol Navy on gameday in Knoxville. Not only is Neyland big as fuck, but its one of the few stadiums located on a major waterway. take your typical college tailgate, add hot girls in bikinis and million dollar yachts, and you got the best damn tailgate party in the land. even rich guys from opposing teams will float up from alabama, georgia, or wherever with there schools flag raised and it makes for a very interesting pregame pissing contest.

  • Lik-em-ade

    Damnnnn…I think that’s my grandma in the Michigan picture…yep, she has that same blank 1,000 yard stare and is always trying to cougar away my boyfriends….you suck g’ma!!!

  • Just Me

    I’m for Ole Miss and I would prefer no one knows about us.

    We want to keep the secret to ourselves that we have the finest babes in the country.

    Even though it’s been publicized before, we’re keeping it as quiet as possible.



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