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May 29 2008

The Undie 500 and the Undie Run 500′s

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Undie 500

In the spirit of all that’s happening with the Indy 500 pictures and craziness going around, I decided to type in “Indy 500″ to see if I could get a few shots that might not have hit the airwaves yet. Oddly enough I wound up with a typo and inserted “Undy” by accident.

Turns out it couldn’t have been a better move. You guys are all familiar with Undie Runs right? If you are not you might want to check out this post.

And then there’s this. Apparently there’s a funny movement in Europe. “The Undie is an annual pilgrimage of University of Canterbury students to travel from christchurch to Dunedin in cars worth under $500. stopping at pubs along the way.”

Pictures of both undies after the jump

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May 29 2008

Embarrassing but Great Songs: Wilson Phillips, “Hold On”

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Yes this might be very Harold and Kumar of me but I really don’t care. “Hold On” was playing in my IPOD the other day and damnet if I didn’t like it. What’s funny is that I got on the elevator and clearly put the music way lower so no one would know what was playing.

Then as soon as I got off I blasted it. It’s a shame I couldn’t really show my true emotions when the “Someday somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye” part came on. That gets me every time.

All I have to say is that Chyna Phillips was in Caddyshack II and Some Kind of Wonderful.

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May 28 2008

Whatever Happened to Danny From The Shining?

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Danny Lloyd

It’s amazing how much The Shining is on television and yet I never watch the thing fully through. Perhaps it’s because of how unbelievably disturbing it is. Speaking of disturbing, how about Danny Lloyd?

Danny is the person who plays Jack Nicholson’s creepy son “Danny.” “Redrum, redrum.” This is just not your normal child. And you have to figure he isn’t normal in real life. So what’s he up to now?

After only shooting one more movie, this is all I could find courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes. “Danny Lloyd has remained a private person, not choosing to pursue a career in acting. An adult now, he has chosen to become a teacher in his home state of Illinois. He is currently teaching at a community college in Kentucky. ”

It’s probably best we don’t know about this guy. I’m sure the part missing from that bio is “murdering spree and masturbation record in the U.S.” Danny!!!!!!!!! Nicholson was amazing.

Danny Lloyd Danny Lloyd Danny Lloyd Danny Lloyd

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May 28 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Sofia Vergara

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Sofia Vergara

Given the amount of press Sofia Vergara has gotten in the last couple of days (Cameltap and On205th) I just couldn’t resist putting the hottest 35 year old on the planet in today’s “She’s Uncoachable.”

And while many of you might know Sofia from her Colombian “Desperate Housewives” show, I will never forget where I first saw her. It was in the movie Lords of Dogtown. She had a tiny part but when I saw her in the neon green tight dress flirting with Emile Hirsch’s character, I knew this woman would make it.

Sure enough, nearly five years later, Sofia is getting the attention she deserves. If and when this woman poses nude, there will be a world war in her native country, and more than likely in my pants.

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May 28 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Mikey C

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Mikey C

You see it would appear that Mikey C is the guy on the left right? It’s not. Mikey is on the right and I actually want to apologize to my dear friend Michael.

You see it’s the guy on the left who should really be up here. Franky Beanz maybe? Or Joey Dump Pants? Whatever his name is, I’ll get him up here.

In the meantime my apologies to Mikey C for having to be the butt of this non joke. But the fact that Mikey C hangs out with this guy? Well…that makes him a douche.

Mikey C Mikey C Mikey C Mikey C

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May 28 2008

Uncoached Chest Growth – Chris Berman is a Little Breasty Lately

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Chris Berman

Looks like Chris Berman was taking full advantage of Media Day at the TPC River Highlands a few weeks ago.

Nothing like basking in Connecticut with all the big wigs wearing Salmon colored shirts and showing off the size B’s. I’m not going to lie. I like Chris Berman, and always have but come on guy.

That just looks like 13 year old girl developmental training bra type action up there. And I should know. Bustedcoverage has a segment that specifically focuses on this stuff so I’m well trained.

Loosen up on the bear claws pal. He should… go… ALL… THE… WAY!!!

Chris Berman Chris Berman Chris Berman Chris Berman

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May 28 2008

A Look at How the show Seinfeld and the New York Yankees are similar

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Baseball is a lot like television and there is plenty of drama out there. That’s why I felt it was important to equate the most coveted and historic baseball franchise to one of, if not the most successful sitcoms in television history.

Without further interruption. The New York Yankees meet Seinfeld.

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May 28 2008

Wednesday’s Wash: International Unknown Babe, Hot Chicks Streak a Soccer Game, and Kobe Bryant Being Naughty Again

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Rocio Gurio Diaz

“Rocio Guirao Diaz hails from Argentina. No surprise there since she’s really good at wearing a thong. The next time you guys see Rocio Guirao Diaz on the street ask her to hike up her skirt, I bet she will” – [Double Viking]

Welcome to Wednesday’s wash. Got a link to share? Email me at uncoached@gmail.com to be included.

The Wash:

Man I wish we could get girls this hot streaking at an American Baseball game. Italian Soccer will have to do – [Busted Coverage]

Vanessa Bryant, what the hell are you doing? Take half the money and get the hell out of there – [COED Magazine]

This is what advertising should be: foul mouth realistic advertising – [Camel Tap]

Disturbing image: What the real Stewie Griffin looks like – [Holy Taco]

I won’t get tired of Pamela Anderson upskirts until she’s at least 60 – [Drunkenstepfather]

The Raiderettes Shooting their swimsuit calendar – [On205th]

Milka Duno looking sexy at the Indy 500 – [The Angry T]

No reason to doubt those Rays anymore – [The Big Lead]

If you are a softball fan, Johnny Kruk may have some words for you – [Awful Announcing]

Louise Glover is by far one of the best of the British – [Bright Black Internet]

Pretty Crazy Grand Theft Auto Stunt Montage – [Gorillamask]

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May 27 2008

What were Snoop Dog and Joe Montana doing at the same event?

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joe Montana

Most times when we find pictures we need to cite a source for those pictures. Ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely do not have a source here. All I can say is that these pictures were taken at the Linda L. Geyser memorial field and it seemed like a quarterback challenge event.

I also can tell you that Snoop looks like he was wearing about 8 layers of clothes. Was Snoop in this event? I’ve never seen him throw a baseball or football but a hunch tells me that he definitely throws like a girl.

Joe Montana is starting to look a little old by the way. I wonder if he can still bench 225 lbs 15 times and dunk a basketball.

Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg Joe Montana

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May 27 2008

She’s Uncoachable – Irina Voronina

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Irina Voronina

Irina Voronina is the current St Pauli spokesmodel so if you notice a sharp increase in St Pauli sales then you might understand why. But obviously she’s also here for other reasons.

You might try typing Irina’s name just about anywhere and 99% of the images you’ll find will contain her in the amount of clothing you’d probably want to see her in….virtually none at all (unless you count heels).

Here’s an interesting note. Irina appeared in a non nude Playboy Calendar. Another interesting note. Playboy never attempted a non nude calendar after that one.

Pics of Irina after the jump

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