. The Spurs May be Out but Ginobili's Bald Spot is Amazing |

May 30 2008

The Spurs May be Out but Ginobili’s Bald Spot is Amazing

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Manu Ginobili

A first off congratulations to the Lakers for putting on an amazing display this past week. You gotta hand it to them. Phil Jackson leaving his bench in being down 17? There’s a reason this guy is a great coach.Watch how confident that bench will be in the finals.

Despite the Lakers win, I’m gonna miss Manu Ginobili’s antics (this video is amazing). He’s a whacky player (similar in style to how I play the game) and his bald spot is truly uncoached.

How could Charles Barkley not even mention that thing? Not even once? The guy is barely pushing 30 and he’s about 2 seasons away from having to wear a comb over. You know what would be amazing?

If Ginobili never ends up shaving his head. All the great players do it: Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Drexler, Ray Allen. Once they saw that hair coming back, they took it right the hell off.

But Ginobili is white! He’s going to look ridiculous with the shaved head. I say leave that bald spot and be the first 35 year old that could easily pass for 60 at a local San Antonio bar.

Manu Ginobili Manu Ginobili Manu Ginobili Manu Ginobili

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