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May 30 2008

10 Sports Movie Moments That Will Give you the Chills

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I was watching the movie Hoosiers last night and I happened to catch the last 15 minutes of the movie. After trying to figure out Jimmy Chitwood’s boxscore for the final game, we are brought to the glorious moment where he says “I’ll Make it.” I defy any sports fan to tell me that that moment doesn’t give them the chills.

In honor of that moment, I decided to compile a list of 9 more sports movie moments that left me getting the chills.


These are in no particular order

Robert Redford’s Blast in The Natural

Al Pacino’s Inch by Inch Speech in Any Given Sunday

Jake Taylor Bunts in Major League

The Original Rocky Training Montage

“Hey Dad, Want to Have a Catch?” from Field of Dreams – Impossible to not cry

Rudy Gets his sack in Rudy

Final Fight in Bloodsport – I can’t help it, it chokes me up

Ricky Vaughn Strikeout in Major League

Rocky IV “Hearts on Fire” Training Sequence

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  • http://www.soxaddict.org SoxAddict

    “Hey.. dad? Wanna have a catch?” gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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  • Natty

    Damned right.

  • joel

    Pele’s bicycle kick in Victory with Max Von Sydow’s standing applause.

  • RAndy

    Sorry, these are, at best, funny – if not cheesy. – I always thought that people actually buying into the Rocky montages must be gay. Probably that’s just me, not being proud and brave and free and all that…

  • landrewc

    The only thing that gives me chills is how bad Any Given Sunday is. That movie is not good for anything except wasting your time.

  • Natty

    The Pele kick is a GREAT call.

    As far as the other comments? Rocky Montages are gay? Yeah, winning best picture is pretty gay. Next.

    Any Given Sunday isn’t the best movie in the world but that speech is pretty money.

    “If I can change! You can change! Everyone can change!”

  • Joel W

    The Rocky one (but not the one from the original) and the Major League ones aren’t really moving. They’re just cheesy.

    Hoosiers and Rudy are amazing. I cry every time at the end of Rudy. Not a wussy cry, but a manly cry.

  • coors

    what about the halftime speech in friday night lights?

  • Natty

    Fellas, I love all this feedback. And yes you guys are pretty on target. I admit, some of the clips were borderline and funny.

    I’m going with Hoosiers, The Natural, Field of Dreams, and Rudy being the most “chilling” and teary eyed.

  • The Mutt

    Major League is the unsung classic among sports movies. For me, it’s the most re-watchable. Those are two of my favorite sports movie moments ever, but I don’t know that “F-ck yeah” moments actually count as chills.

    I saw Rudy in a hotel room on vacation in New Orleans. I was getting dressed to go out on my first night on the town. It was on the TV and totally sucked me in. Tears on my cheeks and an audible gulp when Rudy got his sack.

    Sly + hair band x montage = a little gay. Not real gay, just summer camp gay.

  • Natty

    All well said and appropriate Mutt, although there’s something funny about the phrase “Rudy got his sack.”

  • Rob

    I love the Major League bunt scene. I get goosebumps everytime I watch it. It’s easily one of my favorite sports movies and the PA announcer is awesome ‘Juuust a bit outside”. Awesome

  • Geneus


  • Joe

    Nothing from “Visionquest”? Hell, the speech where his coworker talks about the importance of sports is one of the best scenes ever. Makes the actual wrestling match anti-climactic.

  • http://www.80stees.com Kevin Stecko

    What about Karate Kid? The look of approval that Mr. Miyagi gives to Daniel at the end of the movie is about as inspirational as anything I’ve ever seen! I did it Mr Miyagi!

  • Natty

    Visionquest! I CANNOT believe I forgot that. “The Name’s Louden, Louden Swane………this is the year, this is the year I make my mark.”

    Lunatic Fringe!

  • jdurf1

    The whole Vison Quest movie qualifies

  • The Frog

    Vision Quest is the only mainstream movie that revolves around the most brutal high school sport. The matches were sad, but the wrestling feeling was there thoughout the rest of the film. I remember watching it to motivate me for my matches. Kuch is tied with Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn for the greatest hair in movie history.

    Rudy and The Natural are the tops on my list. Hoosers is a distant third, basically because basketball player and wrestlers didn’t get along when I was in high school. I never really developed a love for the game, and with the NBA the way it is, I probably never will. (I do like March Madness though)

    One of my favorite scenes in sports history (though not a tear jerker) is in Unneccesary Roughness. The lines:

    “Welcome to football”
    “Welcome to foot…ball”

    make me laugh every time. Kathy Ireland was a perfect fit in the role at the height of her beauty.

    Unfortuetly female sports are destroying wrestling. Damn Title IX.

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  • Andy

    Rudy was offsides

  • Stick

    No Herb Brooks in Miracle?!?! “Our time is now!”

  • Wayne

    Here’s a much better copy of Rudy:


  • sarah

    how about Herb Brooks speech in Miracle or what about Brian’s Song or bang the drum slowly. All great movies but I agree Hoosiers is my favorite.

  • Beqwith


  • Dave

    Do you believe in Miracles? YES!

    How could you not have that?



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