. Is this Guy the Next Joe Francis? - Meet David Freedman, CEO of Tempe 12 |

May 23 2008

Is this Guy the Next Joe Francis? – Meet David Freedman, CEO of Tempe 12

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David Freedman

This guy has a pretty good job, and he’s not even 30 yet.

Is anyone familiar with Tempe12? If you’re not that’s OK. What you may be interested in is that Tempe 12 is a girl’s college calendar company run by late 20′s entrepreneur David Freedman.

“David Freedman was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. After graduating high school at the top of his class, David decided to head west to Arizona State University to pursue a degree in Business. It was then, during his senior year at ASU, when David first came up with the concept that would later be molded into Tempe12.”

Pictures of the ladies and more after the jump

And that concept being? Take the hottest girls from colleges around the country and put them into calendars. And do what with those calendars? Hand out over 500,000 of them so far.

I’ve spoken to David a number of times on the phone, and while his job is very hard work, as any entrepreneur’s job is, come on! The guy is working with hot chicks in bikinis more often than not.

You gotta hand it to the guy. He really is living the dream. I asked him if he thought he’d be the next Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) and he kind of laughed it off.

Joe’s doing porn and David isn’t about that. The girl’s are all extremely nice and professional over at Tempe 12.

Well David. Maybe you can share some of that wealth buddy. Toss me over a couple of honeys to model here at Uncoached. The Uncoached Girls! Now that’s a concept worth exploring.

Here’s what David is around most days

Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12 Tempe 12

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3 responses so far

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  • http://DoubleViking Matty

    I graduated from ASU, and the whole Tempe 12 is basically a joke to everybody but David.

  • Kevin

    Sounds like someone is jealous that they didn’t think of idea first, but than again who can trust anyone when they go by a last name as their first name or a child that changes Matt or Matthew to Matty or Stevey, Bobby, Ect. can’t really take them serious lol Sincerely, Cevin ya with a “C”



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