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May 23 2008

Instant Replay on Home Runs: It’s the Right Move

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Fan Interference

Ah Yes, 1996 Yanks/Orioles. Jeter gets away with one.

It’d be one thing if the league were considering instant replay on the whole. They’re already trying to shorten games as it is. It would kind of suck if we had to watch a guy’s foot land on first base 17 times to decide if his foot hit the bag first or the first baseman’s foot did.

But for the sake of 1996 and Jeffrey Maier (thanks buddy!), and the sake of important games that are decided by the lone home run that never really was, I think the instant replay is a great addition.

And let’s not forget about fan interference which is somewhat related. I just think it’s pretty funny when players get pissed after a fan swipes their ball.

Steve Bartman!

Fan Interference Fan Interference Fan Interference Fan Interference Fan Interference

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