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May 20 2008

Random Term Image Search: “I’ll Be Back”

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I’ll Be Back

Welcome to another installment of the Random Term Search. It’s amazing what you’ll find when you simply type in a certain phrase of your choice.

Today’s term is “I’ll Be Back.” One would expect tons of pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger stuff, which yes, there were. However, bondage came into play, random notes, and some stuff I’d rather not see again.

My top three and more after the jump

#3 – The Obvious Choice

I’ll Be Back

Is it even possible to type anything online and NOT come back with a picture of girls scantily dressed?

#2 – The Towel Heads

I’ll Be Back

Now what exactly are these two kids coming back from? If it’s a guy in his 30′s without his shirt on taking this picture, then I really feel bad about posting this…and even worse for these towel boys.
#1 – Old School Portland Trailblazers

I’ll Be Back

This picture is phenomenal, period.  Kersey was such a beast back then.

As for the rest? The woman with the beehive hairdo going to Hedonism could be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s a “Back in time” reference in there, and plenty of other random ones.

I’ll Be Back!

I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Back

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  • http://www.theputdown.com Andy

    dude. this is a GENIUS idea!! I;m pissed I didnt think of it first!!! kudos!



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