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May 14 2008

Fight Night: Red Sox Fan to Pay Yankees Fan After He’s the one Who Got Punched in the Face

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The Boston Channel reports: “A die-hard Red Sox fan from Gloucester, Mass., is going to have to pay up big time after a Yankees fan punched him, and hurt his hand in the process.

Bay Stater David Sanborn, 40, was ordered by a California jury to pay Yankees fan Mario Melendez $25,297 because Melendez hurt his hand when he punched Sanborn in the mouth during a bar brawl in Carlsbad, Calif., two years ago, the Boston Herald reported.

Sanborn said the two men were watching games on TVs in the restaurant when Melendez started cheering for the Yankees and Sanborn told him to sit down. A fight quickly ensued and Melendez said he punched Sanborn in the mouth in self-defense, breaking some of Sanborn’s teeth.”

Well, at least the Yankees fans have something on the Sox right now. New York, don’t you realize how mediocre our team is right now? Pretty soon we’re going to have to bring back Don Mattingly to bat third.

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  • http://uncoauched witness

    hay folk’s i was really there that night this happened. sandborn’s wife was working there & was lit, i mean lit. she started yelling out f–k the yankees, there were children there & elderly as well. melendez was there with hid dad 82yrs old just to have a nice time with pop’s. sandborn told melendez he was going to kick his a-s & melendez did not want to fight. sandborn got to the bar at 11:00am that day & was drinking 151 rum before the incident happened at 4:20pm. melendez got there at 4:00pm!…hummm…who was drunk & who was not. sandborn went to pick up melendez to body slam him & melendez defended himself by punching sandborn in the face & knocked him out cold & took some teeth with that punch. melendez had 7 piece’s of sandborn’s teeth removed from his right hand & should recover. look’s like the sandborn’s are really idiot’s & got what was coming to them. 151 rum….f–k the yankees…who was really hurt here!….$$$$$$$ you go yankees fan…

  • Natty

    Now that’s awesome.



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