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May 13 2008

Niagra Hoops Player Danie Mosca Posed Nude For Her Boyfriend

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Danie Mosca

Hell it might have been back in January when the photos were released, but you can bet that the name Danie Mosca is going to create some buzz when these photos circulate around for the next week or so.

Today, the Niagra Purple Eagle basketball player will be an internet goddess. Tomorrow, Danie will be just another name thrown into the giant sandbox of “famous for a day because my pictures were found on myspace, facebook or somewhere else on the internet” girls.

I’ve got a few censored shots and if you want to take a look at the full article you should visit Don Chavez to get a better sense of what Purple Eagle really means.

Danie Mosca Danie Mosca Danie Mosca Danie Mosca Danie Mosca

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11 responses so far

  • http://www.uncoached.com/2008/05/13/niagra-hoops-player-danie-mosca-posed-nude-for-her-boyfriend/ Danie Mosca

    My name is Danie Mosca, and I am writing because my photos are placed on your website unconsented. My personal information has been posted as well which is humiliating & degrading. A gentleman stole these pictures off of my computer & posted them. Please, for the sake of my future & career please take this information down. This has had a major damaging affect on my life thus far & I am hoping that you will please remove these so that I may try and get these pieces of my life pieced back together. Please write to me to confirm removal.

    Thank you in advance,
    Danie Mosca

  • Derek

    You should have thought about that before you took the photos. Now they’ll be with you forever.

  • Derek

    No one stole the photos. You sent them to someone. That’s ridiculous

  • sherry

    Your a scumbag derek and probably so ugly that you WISH you can have someone as hot as Danie, this is why you act this way…..sad

  • Knucklehead

    It’s a simple equation, sherry…if you don’t want to pay consequences for your actions, DON’T DO ANYTHING TO EXPOSE YOURSELF.

    This is the world we live in. You take explicit photos, you can count on them getting out. Guaranteed. The only way to make sure explicit photos never see the light of day is to never take them in the first place. Not for fun, not “just for your boyfriend,” not for any reason.

    Someone once said that if you don’t want to get eaten by lions, don’t walk out into the savannah wearing a gazelle meat suit. If you do, and you get attacked, then you’re not allowed to act shocked and say you’re surprised…you knew what would happen.

  • earnest

    She has nothing 2 be ashamed about she is very hot

  • Charlie

    Sherry, you do sound a bit unrealistic. Danie obviously, didn’t feel “degraded and humiliated” while taking the pictures. ( Or is the smile just an illusion ) I hate the double standard. “Hey everyone, look at me naked!” Then when the cat is out of the bag, its now “You sleaze bags, stopping looking at my pictures!”

    There is a lot of posts about these pictures on other sites too. If they are to be believed, Danie is a rather adventurous woman. But who believes this garbage that is written in these forums.

    For myself, I do not like the objectification of any person, male or female. But with all the leaks of Britney, Paris, Kim K. and Pam A., its hard to believe she didn’t know that sometime these pictures would surface.

    To Danie, I feel for the “Raz” you probably received when they surfaced. But, in a few months, all will be forgotten

  • Nick

    Well, whoever is telling the truth-good, but the pictures and Danie are very, very, hot !!! And I really don’t think this will ruin your life or career or whatever. It’s something that happened, and will soon be forgotten. Besides, she has nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

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  • Kevin

    Yeah! you have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if I get to be meet you danie, I will slap you ass fuck you hard…

  • Burger Louie

    I would like to see the 5’9 Danie do a porn film with Lex Steele, it would be a top seller.



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