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May 06 2008

A Moment to Appreciate Just How Good Chris Paul Is

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Chris Paul

I know that Chris Paul is getting attention this year, and rightfully so. But do people ever really stop to think how good this guy really is?

It’s one thing to have one of the top three point guard seasons of all time, yes, all time. It’s another to take a 2-0 series lead over the most successful NBA franchise of the 21st century.

Obviously it’s still a little early to tell who’s going to win the series, but is it too early to start saying this guy could wind up being a top 10 all-time player and a top 3 all-time point guard?

Think about it.

Chris Paul

Look what the guy did this year. 21 and 11, not to mention 4 boards and almost 3 steals! Allen Iverson’s best years weren’t even that well rounded (And is Iverson really a point guard?)

Iverson’s best year was probably 04-05 where he averaged over 30, 8 assists, 4 boards and 2.4 steals. That’s gotta go down as one of the best.

Chris Paul

Then you have to talk about Steve Nash the last two seasons (before this year) and virtually any of Magic Johnson’s years. Isiah Thomas certainly gets a mention. And lest not ever forget Oscar Robertson.

But let’s just talk about Paul for a minute here. It’s only his third year. His team is already showing that they can win in the playoffs, and Paul is most certainly rising to the occasion scoring 35 in his first playoff game EVER (only the third guy to do it.)

Chris Paul

Plus the little fella is a cute guy isn’t he? Seriously though, you heard it here. Paul is going to be a top 3 all-time point and a top 10 all-time player (assuming no injuries).

Chris Paul

By the way, as far as point guards, I think it’s Magic, Oscar Robertson, Thomas, Stockton, and Kidd holding the fort right now. No reason Paul can’t pass Thomas, Stockton and Kidd if he keeps this up, especially in the playoffs.

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