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May 01 2008

It Only Took About 34 Years but Steve-O Realizes He’s Kind of Stupid

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Steve-O, one of the stars of “Jackass” is fresh out of rehab and now has some words of wisdom for the young generation of people who are trying to light firecrackers with their asses.

In this article Steve-O states: “I’m proud of what I’ve done in the past to distract people from the fact that the world can be a bad place, but I think I could have reached for a better sort of things to be looked up for than to be an alcoholic drug addict that hurts himself for a living.”

Really? Really dude? (Pictures of dumb Steve-O after the jump)


A hell of a generation we’ve got these days

Thanks for that epiphany but what else would I do returning home from a night out than turn on MTV 2 and watch reruns of good old Steve O trying to jump a 10 foot wall on water skies?

Come on little fella! You’re the face of a new generation of complete misfit morons.

Unfortunately this is in fact what people look up to these days. It’s damned good entertainment though.

Not to mention the guy got some pretty hot chicks in his day, and still does I might add. (relax people who get offended by this, I know he’s a drug addict and he’s doing the right thing, shut up).

Steve O Steve-O Steve-O Steve-O Steve-O Steve-O

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