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May 31 2008

Sexy Saturday: Talia Russo Has My Vote in her Playboy Audition

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I really don’t think there needs to be much explanation here. She’s hot, she bakes cookies, and she has a strange resemblance to Kyra Sedgwick. Oddly enough Talia might become famous. Turns out she’s a struggling actress. Perhaps a Playboy nod will get her there. Or perhaps a live sex tape with me posted on this site would get her there. Either way is fine by me.

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May 31 2008

The Weekend Wash: Mila Kunis, Jojo is Growing up, and Celebrities We Need Bikini Pics From

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Mila Kunis

At first Mila Kunis used to annoy me. I wasn’t a fan of her character on That 70′s Show. But over the last few years she has really grown on me. Now she’s just damned hot. These pictures don’t lie – [Gorillamask]

Welcome to the weekend wash: a look at all the wonderful things that happened during the week. Those of you who missed out in the office can catch up with these stories. If you’d like to submit your own feel free to email uncoached@gmail.com

The Wash

Since when did Jojo Levesque have such a rack? – [Drunkenstepfather]

Here are the five celebrities who really need to show us some more skin – [Doubleviking]

Miwa Oshiro is yesterday’s daily snapshot – [COED Magazine]

Keeley Hazell is the finest conclusion to a 24 hour bikini run – [Busted Coverage]

Bill Murray should have no problems getting laid after his divorce – [Don Chavez]

The Top Five vicious sucker punches caught on tape – [Cameltap]

Gina Carano might not be fighting but she’s still a hottie – [On205th]

One of the more disturbing pictures I’ve ever seen – [Micklanders]

An unbelievably good compilation of NBA stars videos – [The Angry T]

Ken Griffey Jr. and the What-If Game – [The Big Lead]

Beer Pong is going to have an interesting future – [College OTR]

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May 30 2008

Flickr Friday – Welcome to the Gun Club

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Gun Club

And here we are. Another Friday. Another guy from Flickr whose pictures I’ve put up for my personal and your personal enjoyment. These hail from I’m Combing my Hair. Luckily Mr. Hair gathered over 270 photos of girls who decided to show off their guns (yeah I wish it was the kind of guns I’m thinking of).

I did my best to cipher out the non attractive girls. Then again, most girls who are proud of their muscles might not be the best of the bunch. So, assuming you guys bought tickets to the gun show (and yes I’m trying to be very gay here, and yes I assume it’s working) step right up and get shot.

If you’re really into legit tough girls, always feel free to check out Gina Carano or her counterparts.

Pictures after the jump

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May 30 2008

The Spurs May be Out but Ginobili’s Bald Spot is Amazing

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Manu Ginobili

A first off congratulations to the Lakers for putting on an amazing display this past week. You gotta hand it to them. Phil Jackson leaving his bench in being down 17? There’s a reason this guy is a great coach.Watch how confident that bench will be in the finals.

Despite the Lakers win, I’m gonna miss Manu Ginobili’s antics (this video is amazing). He’s a whacky player (similar in style to how I play the game) and his bald spot is truly uncoached.

How could Charles Barkley not even mention that thing? Not even once? The guy is barely pushing 30 and he’s about 2 seasons away from having to wear a comb over. You know what would be amazing?

If Ginobili never ends up shaving his head. All the great players do it: Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Drexler, Ray Allen. Once they saw that hair coming back, they took it right the hell off.

But Ginobili is white! He’s going to look ridiculous with the shaved head. I say leave that bald spot and be the first 35 year old that could easily pass for 60 at a local San Antonio bar.

Manu Ginobili Manu Ginobili Manu Ginobili Manu Ginobili

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May 30 2008

More “Bay To Breakers” Coverage – Ladies Edition

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Bay To Breakers

A little over a week ago I covered San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race. While there were plenty of weird costumes and funny business going on, I really didn’t get a chance to look at the most important element to the race: women dancing on poles and other women.

And while most pole dancing in San Francisco has been known to be the “men pole dancing on men’s poles” kind, The Bay to Breakers had its fair share of scantily clad heterosexual ladies.

In other news, someone told me that by writing too much about gay things it might mean I’m gay myself. In more other news, I put up a Craigslist ad in the “male for male” casual encounters section using his email address for contact. Have a nice day buddy.

Bay to Break my balls after the jump

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May 30 2008

Taking Craigslist a Little Too Far: Couple Arrested for Trying to Sell Their Baby Online

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We tend to make fun of Canada from time to time. People just consider Canada that little bitchy brother to the U.S. Every time someone says “eh” or “about” we smile. Every time they get amped about Hockey, I tend to smirk in silence.

But now? Now they’ve got a couple trying to hock their baby on Craigslist? This can’t improve Canada’s image.

The Telegraph said: Vancouver police said the couple told investigators the offer was a hoax, but were arrested for public mischief with other criminal charges possible as the investigation continues.

“Of course, the first thing out of their mouth is, they said it was a hoax,” said Tim Fanning of the Vancouver police department

A hoax? A hoax would be something like advertising that you were shooting a transsexual gangbang and you wanted to see the kind of responses it would garner, or the kind of people that would show up to your doorstep (man that was a fun night).

A hoax generally doesn’t consist of a sick, pregnant 23 year old who has nothing better to do than to publicly auction her child. Or maybe it does. Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

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May 30 2008

10 Sports Movie Moments That Will Give you the Chills

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I was watching the movie Hoosiers last night and I happened to catch the last 15 minutes of the movie. After trying to figure out Jimmy Chitwood’s boxscore for the final game, we are brought to the glorious moment where he says “I’ll Make it.” I defy any sports fan to tell me that that moment doesn’t give them the chills.

In honor of that moment, I decided to compile a list of 9 more sports movie moments that left me getting the chills.


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May 29 2008

Fight Night – Nothing Better than Two Chicks Getting Dirty

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Cat Fight

Wikipedia defines catfighting in the following way: “Catfighting is a term for an altercation between two women, typically involving scratching, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding as opposed to punching or wrestling. It can also be used to describe two human females insulting each other verbally or being otherwise nasty to each other.”

Men would probably define catfighting in this following way: “Catfighting is the opportunity for males to see two women fighting, hence having a chance to see two women with the possibility of looking like they are engaged in rough sex.”

And the following caveat: “nipple slippage and genital visibility are bonuses. Just seeing the women pull their hair and bite is more than enough.”

Examples after the jump

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May 29 2008

The Random Term Image Search: “How About That?”

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How About That

It’s pretty tough (if you’re a guy and know anything about Sports) to say the phrase “How About that” and not actually hear Mel Allen’s voice in your head saying it. And given that I watched Naked Gun yesterday, and heard that term uttered by Allen himself, I figured it would most certainly yield some interesting image results.

As usual I have posted my top three pics along with some extras at the end.

How About that!!

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May 29 2008

Some Sixers Legends Paid to Party Back in 2006 (I Really Just Wanted to Find Tyrone Hill)

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Sixers Legends

I’ve been scouring the earth to find pictures of Tyrone Hill in street clothes. And the moment has finally arrived! To my dismay, I’m not nearly as excited as I thought I’d be. He’s just not a very good looking dude.

You know something? He actually looks like a really warped version of Billy Blanks from all the Tae-Bo videos. Ever try to do Tae-Bo? Damn that stuff is tough. Not only do I feel incredibly gay doing it but I’m very disappointed I can’t do a side kick.

P.S. I’d love to know what went on that night. Moses Malone, Manute Bol, Kyle Korver, young Willie Green, and George Lynch in the same room? Guys must have been mooching off of Korver’s “you look like Ashton Kutcher!” scraps.

Sixers Legends Sixers Legends Sixers Legends Sixers Legends Sixers Legends Sixers Legends Sixers Legends

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