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Apr 30 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached – “Just one of the Guys”

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Just One of the Guys

In what could be used for entire library of “Whatever Happened To” the movie Just One of the Guys has got to be one of the most underrated eighties classics of all time. It it weren’t for channels like Encore or even HBO playing it 600 times a week during certain spans, I’d have never caught this masterpiece.

There’s really too much to talk about here. Joyce Hyser plays a pseudo hot girl (with huge boobs) who wants to be respected as a journalist. She submits an article to a contest which of course does not win. She argues her loss is due to the fact she’s a girl.

To prove that she’s right, Terry dresses as a guy and goes to another school where she will resubmit her paper and win. When she doesn’t win, Terry learns new things about herself through acting as “Just one of the guys.”

Just One of the Guys

The bad ass bully Greg Tolan played by you know who….

I have a few more things to say. One, William Zabka. That needs no explanation. He’s the bully. Two, her younger brother Buddy is unbelievable, especially when he calls his Penis “Spike.” Three. The best part of this movie is when Terry’s love interest Rick Morehouse says the line “where do you get off having tits?” Four: Sherilyn Finn

In all honesty this article does no justice to this movie. And yes, there’s nudity.

Here are a few screen shots. What an amazing movie.

Just One of the Guys Just One of the Guys Just One of the Guys Just One of the Guys

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