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Apr 29 2008

How to Stop Lebron – DeShawn Stevenson Needs to Say He’s Gay

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DeShawn Stevenson

“Come on man, what do ya say to a little rubdown later? Just a little one? You know you’ll love it. ”

Amidst all of this playoff drama, one player sticks out at me and he’s rubbing me a little funny. That player is DeShawn Stevenson of the Washington Wizards. One might wonder how this guy could possibly be gay.

DeShawn isn’t that great an NBA player. He ends up growing an incredibly long beard and then sports a mohawk. What does he do next? Talk an incredible amount of shit about Lebron James who is clearly a top three player.

Sure the hype starts, but he’s still an average player. But is the guy gay?

Letoya Luckett

The answer is of course not. DeShawn has been linked to incredibly hot chicks like Letoya Luckett (featured above) and he certainly doesn’t give any evidence to being a homosexual. But here’s the thing….

DeShawn Stevenson

DeShawn is obviously not getting through to Lebron. His actions and trash talking are only making Lebron better. So why not switch strategies?

Come out and say you’re a homosexual and that you’ve been attracted to Lebron low these many years. You’re telling me that won’t affect his game?

DeShawn Stevenson

OK that’s a little gay

Give him a little testicle tap next time down the floor after the announcement. That should fix him right up.

DeShawn Stevenson DeShawn Stevenson DeShawn Stevenson DeShawn Stevenson

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  • http://www.theputdown.com Andy

    DS def has a man-crush on LeBron. Its so obvious. Its like when you were in grade school and would call the little 4th grader you were crushing on a “filthy whore.”



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