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Apr 28 2008

Monday’s Man Crush – Clive Owen

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Clive Owen

It doesn’t get any more rugged than it does with Clive Owen. The guy is just a badass, plain and simple. Is it me or does it seem like every movie the guy is in, you can’t help but to love his character?

I personally loved him in Derailed, Closer, and Inside Man. I’m sure I’m missing a million films here (check out his IMDB) but you get the drift. The guy is into alternative punk, goes to concerts by himself, and has been in plenty of fights pushing paparazzi cameras.

I’ve heard some garbage about his wife, Sara Jane Fenton, not being hot. You know what? I think his wife is perfect for him. She has a huge rack and looks just kinky enough to fulfill all of his movie character fantasies.

Clive, you are the dude.

Clive Owen Clive Owen Clive Owen Clive Owen

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