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Apr 24 2008

The Random Term Search – Italian Stallion

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Italian Stallion

Sly Stallone back in his nudy picture days. The true “Italian Stallion.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been bored sitting on our asses and simply type in searches on Google to see what we can come up with. Sometimes we type our friends names, or random phrases like “douchebag.” The funny thing is that 99% of the terms we type in some way, shape, or form wind up with porn as a result. Amazing.

In any event, I was kind of bored and decided to type in the term “Italian Stallion” to see if anything interesting came up. I did an image search on Flickr and managed to find some post worthy pictures. If you can think of any interesting terms to suggest, feel free to email me at uncoached@gmail.com

Other than the ridiculous amount of filth and porn I came across, enjoy the Italian Stallion Results

Italian Stallion

The first and most obvious Italian Stallion although I think he deserves a spot on The Myspace Toolbox.

Italian Stallion

Asians standing around in funny shirts. That’s got Italian Stallion written all over it.

Italian Stallion

I’m actually kind of scared to make a comment here.

Italian Stallion

This is far and away the best bathing suit I’ve ever seen. Now this guy is an Italian stallion.

Italian Stallion

Whoops. Looks like I spoke too soon. This guy rocks. Middle age dude with a great sense of humility.

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