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Apr 24 2008

The Myspace Toolbox – Special K

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Special K

Right back at ya bud

In the “about me” section on Special K’s Myspace Profile: “I set trends with every way I feel, these kids order my style like it’s a happy f*cking meal.”

So basically what your saying is that you’re a complete waste of space and the world would be way better without you?

Well, unless we’re in dire need of bronzer I think we can go on safely.

Special K Special K Special K Special K Special K

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8 responses so far

  • http://www.theputdown.com Andy

    I’m going with “The chick is even worse” in this picture.

    Yeah…I’d expect that pouty lip nonsense from that dipshit, but his Wonder Twin? Come on.


    Wondertwin Powers Activate! Let’s go fight the crimes of paleness and clean hair!

  • RL

    Why do these guys all have the same Dragon Ball Z hairdo?

    And how badly do these people hate themselves?

  • ashley

    hahahahaha fcking priceless, thank god im not the only one who cant stand these fagsss their more feminine than i am reality boys you will NEVER BE a ladies man

  • ashley

    ps: please note– his eyes are actually real believe it or not

  • JVIcs

    actually ashley u dumbass…they arent LMAO

  • Rip

    Trend setter? All I see is another ugly orange grease ball, nothing original here. Same expression, same torn jeans, same big shiny belt buckle, same large cross around the same orange neck as all the rest of them. Thank you for alerting us to this frightening race of “people”.

  • Jason

    ashley i would believe that they are more feminine then you, for all we know you could be a 300 pound behemoth with an addiction to twinkies and peanut butter. in all seriousness you sound like you dated one of these kids and got fucked over and have now made it a life long mission to try to ruin them and anyone else who associates with them. well to me your as big of a loser as they are. and this website dedicates way too much time to such apparently “pointless and useless” individuals. when something is pointless and useless to me i usually ignore it entirely, not devote hours, well in this sites case probably days to posting up their links, photos and a paragraph of terribly written one liners trying to “take a blow” at their image. to each its own though. have fun! and ashley, get laid..or get a hobby..if they dont work, therapy might help.

  • Jonny

    Yeahhh….the reason why this site was created was because someone loves us and wishes he could be us… well some of us. there are just some guys in this site that are fucking freaks of nature. and special K doesnt use bronzer…btw.



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