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Apr 24 2008

Famous People Wind up on Myspace – Just Ask Lexxi Tyler

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Lexxi Tyler and Bill Maher

Yes, that’s what Bill Maher really looks like. Can you believe how stale this guy is? He definitely pays for sex, a lot.

Given that we have abundant resources on the internet, Myspace being one of them, I figured it would be a shame to only reserve them for the amateurs. Through diligent research, I’ve decided to start a new segment called “Famous People Wind up on Myspace.”

And what better a way to start than with the Myspace Profile of adult film star Lexxi Tyler? Famous people love porn.

Lexxi Tyler and Chris Knight

For a guy who was definitely considered a dork, I gotta hand it to Chris Knight. He’s always seems to be around hot chicks.

Lexxi Tyler and Jeff Bozz

Jeff Bozz? I think he’s famous out in Vegas or something but whatever. I just like Lexxi’s pose here.

Lexxi Tyler and a Douchebag

This guy isn’t famous at all. I just wanted you guy to know that toolbuckets like this land hot girls all the time.

Lexxi Tyler and Little John

Little John. A. He’s not so little after this picture and B. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!

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