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Apr 23 2008

Hockey Still Sucks, But Riots are Pretty Cool

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Montreal Game 7 Riot

I may be a day late on this one but come on, it’s hockey for Christ’s sake. And not that I even remotely care here but hooray! The Montreal Canadiens won their game 7.

While I can’t stand hockey and I think the sport is completely fading, I still find the emotions elicited during games to be pretty entertaining. Out of curiosity, what compels a person to think “My team just won! Let’s go destroy a cop car!”

Wouldn’t having sex be a better alternative? Grab a beer with buddies and talk about the game? Nah, let’s destroy public property, walk on cars and induce a police raid?

Hockey is awesome

Montreal Game 7 Riot Montreal Game 7 Riot Montreal Game 7 Riot Montreal Game 7 Riot

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  • rayburn

    Its a shame habs fans had to destroy their own city after making through the first round of the playoffs. especially because they most likely wont be kissing the cup this year. apart from that, why do you keep saying hockey sucks? Its fast paced, exciting, unpredictable, and violent. Not to mention the fact that it has respect among thugs. most of hockey player’s issues are taken out on the ice not in front of the camera on hollywood fucking BLVD. Just because its not a sport full of drug addicts and sissy-ass wannabe rock stars makes it a crappy sport? Fuck you hockey hating americans and the bandwagon you rode in on. Its the perfect sport and american expansion teams are ruining it. if you dont want a peice of hockey than good for you. americans suck at hockey anyway…dousche bags!

  • Natty

    To each their own Rayburn. I personally find hockey boring as hell (except for the fighting).

    Plus, if you think I like a sport because a douchebag wants to a rock star then I feel bad for you.

    I appreciate talent more than anyone, even if it comes from a gangster who beats a guy when he’s down. I appreciate a game with scoring, ability, and hell, even a little grace.

    Just not a fan of hockey, nor will I ever be.

  • http://cacawetsblog.blogspot.com cacawet

    It was 2 street gang who make the mess. Police was not prepare.
    But we are lucky in Montreal, people does not have guns.

  • Kat

    Not that anyone will likely read this, but Americans do love hockey.
    Umm right so how many teams does Canada have? Like five. And how many do we have?

    Yeah I thought so.

  • Sergei Kostitsyn

    hey kat, the reason the U.S has so many hockey teams is purely because of the size of the population and of course because of the $$$, unfortunately Gary Bettman fails to realize that hockey just doesn’t belong in certain southern areas.

    All of Canada’s team have extremely solid support and the same cannot be said for the u.s teams, sure there are some good markets in the states but the passion canadians have for hockey cannot be matched.

    peace bitch



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